Men's wedding rings

Treat yourself to the perfect blend of style and comfort with our men's wedding bands, handcrafted entirely in Montreal. Carved from recycled metal, the men's wedding band is available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or silver. Enjoy a wide selection of wedding band sets for men and women.

Have you proposed to your now fiancé with a beautiful engagement ring from Flamme en rose and it is now time for you to choose your own wedding ring? The Montreal-based company is also qualified in the design and fabrication of men’s jewellery, weather in white gold, yellow gold and even pink gold for those who like to break stereotypes. Ones wedding is a defining moment in a life and the wedding ring is a symbol of the commitment and of that unforgettable day. Do you like diamonds or gems? Dare to adorn your men’s wedding ring with one or more precious stones. Are you more of a conventional type with a yellow plain wedding band? The adventurer and The Crossing collections offer several different and unique styles for men that are sure to please. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for on our website, the team of Flamme en rose jewellers and designers will custom create your ring based on your ideas and propositions which will be accompanied by an approval process of 3D drawings. Call us to make an appointment, our shop is steps away for the McGill subway station. Men rarely take the opportunity to spoil themselves with men jewellery, with the custom creations of Flamme en rose you will be able to guide you and you will be able take part in the creative process. If you believe that fine jewellery is a women’s thing, think again. Trust that you will find the perfect wedding ring with Flamme en rose, weather at the shop our via our transactional website, our delivery service is safe and efficient.

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