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A wedding gift may very well be offered to many people. Many people gravitate around this happy day. First of all, to the bride who can offer a personalized gift. There is also his mother, his sister and his best friend to whom a gift can be offered and the list goes on forever. Organizing a wedding day requires the contribution of several people close to the bride and groom and often, the girls are in the spotlight. Montreal's Flamme-en-Rose jewelry store offers a wide range of jewelry for those who will stand alongside the bride on the wedding day. The gift ideas from the online store offer themselves wonderfully to bridesmaids who will be able to wear the jewel on the wedding day as well as later, as a souvenir. The bridesmaid gift is a particular attention that must be well chosen and usually associated with the jewelry and the dress of the bride. The idea is to take a little touch of the apparat of the bride on a pendant or on a pair of earrings. If several bridesmaids accompany the bride on this wedding day, this repeated wedding gift offers a magnificent overview. The group photo of bridesmaids will be particularly successful. Trust Flame in Pink for original and quality bridesmaids gifts. All jewelry and bridesmaids gifts are handcrafted by skilled jewelers in Flamme en rose workshops in Montreal. If you are at the last minute for your bridesmaids jewelry purchases, our delivery service is fast, safe and free across Canada.

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