A gift to mark a memory.
A page to add to our story.
A friendship filled with history.
Today will be remembered eternally.

Gifts are plentiful when there is a wedding in the air, although it is not only the happy couple who receives gifts. There are also the mothers, the sisters, the fathers, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen and the list can go on and on. . Organizing a wedding requires the help of several people and those people are very often thanked with a token of appreciation. Not only are these gifts thoughtful, they may also be part of the look of the wedding. Bridesmaids might wear a piece of jewellery similar to the bride or groomsman might all wear the same cufflinks as the groom. Montreal’s Flamme en rose jewellery store offers a wide range of jewellery for those important people who will stand alongside the bride on the wedding day. There is a wide range of jewellery available on the Flamme en rose online store, bridesmaids’ section, different styles perfect for the special day and to wear after that as a souvenir. Jewellery can unify a style, a group or a mood, if the bridesmaids are all wearing a a pendant or a pair of earrings or a bracelet that resembles the one that the bride is wearing, it can give a magnificent effect and great overview of the wedding party, as well as beautiful pictures. Entrust Flamme en rose for for original quality bridesmaids’ gifts. All. All jewellery is handcrafted by skilled jewellers in The Flamme en rose Montreal workshop. If you are last minute and your bridesmaid’s gifts slipped your mind, no worries our delivery service is fast, safe and free across Canada

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