Finally, my attention brakes free, more than just a screen and me.
I look as far as the eye can see and feel total serenity.
My mind travel through space and time.
Knowing that what is in front of me is truly sublime.

The jewels of the Celestial collection are exclusive to Flamme en rose. It puts forward the treasures of the celestial vault such as the sun and its seasons, the moon and its lunar phases, the sky and its stars. Mainly pendants and gold earrings 10K, 14K and 18K, the jewels of this magnificent collection can be given as a gift and will please a friend or loved one. Promoting eco-design, the jewellery store Flamme en rose proposes the use of laboratory grown diamondsin all respects identical to the natural diamondsThe big blue under the sky is the focal point of this magnificent collection with its twelve small diamonds and oval aquamarine centre. The thirteenth lucky diamond, also created in the laboratory, is found on the bail of the pendant. This one is the envy of all Quebec jewellers. The simplified version of the pendant also has the 1 point diamond on the bail, even on the sterling silver one. Founded in 2009 by two master jewellers trained at the École de joaillerie de Montréal, the jewellery store has since built an enviable reputation for the quality of its products and customer service. The company specializes, among other things, in the transformation of jewellery, a physical and artistic process that gives a second life to jewellery that has been left behind. It is a discipline that is becoming increasingly rare to find. It also offers a service of custom design which can be done remotely thanks to its tele-creation service. All the jewels of the house Flamme en rose are handcrafted by experienced jewellers. The jewels are guaranteed and the delivery is at a fixed price of 5$ everywhere in Canada.
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