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Hold my hand when you go through life
Show me, every day, what you do
There is no more beautiful destiny than mine
Everyday, share your way

Unite your family in one jewel and keep them close to your heart at all times. The Montreal Flamme jeweler has created small charms to identify each member of your family and offers to bring them together on a single necklace or one bracelet. In Sterling Silver or Gold 10K, 14K or 18K, create your family's image by lining up a combination of girl, boy, woman, man charms with the plus and equal signs to finish in style with the heart. The woman charm is also offered with a pearls. Offer and share the same gem with someone from your family to say "I love you", simply. As with all other Flamme jewels in pink, this collection is handcrafted by experienced jewelers in our Montreal workshop. do not hesitate Contact us. to get some good advice on this piece of jewelery and find a combination that's right for your family. The charms are all sold separately but the starter kit contains a necklace or bracelet and a first charm. The gold or sterling silver necklace or bracelet of the family collection is a gift idea that will not go unnoticed. Elegant and delicate, the jewel will attract the eye by its originality and its good taste. It is simple and safe to order via our online store and our delivery service is fast and guaranteed. For the purchase of your rings, bracelets, gold necklaces with precious stones, trusted our company that works in the field since 2009. Our reputation in the jewelery industry in Montreal is second to none since we have since our foundation, a key importance to the quality of our products and the excellence of our service.

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