Fine jewellery

Uncover our selection of fine jewellery handcrafted by master jewellers adorned of ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones.

The fine jewelry collection of Flamme en rose studio is composed of pieces designed and hand fabricated by our own designers and jewellers. Our models are only reproduced once or on a very small scale. This exceptional selection of jewellery is handmade with precious metals and precious stones carefully selected and is the pride of this jewellery house founded in 2009 by Audrée Michaud et Michele Côté. Ancestral methods meet modern technology and allow the impossible to be possible. Any jewel produced by Flamme en rose is truly a unique piece of art.. The variety and beauty of our diamond pavé jewelry creations attract the attention of the industry and make us famous. Our manufacturing methods mix ancestral and modern techniques and we use state-of-the-art laser tools for all our welding. When you purchase a piece of fine jewelry from the jewelry Flamme en rosestore, you will be in possession of a true work of art. The emblematic pieces of the haute joaillerie collection Flamme en rose come mainly from the collection The crown. If you like vintage jewelry, there is a thriving market for vintage jewelry. second hand high jewellery and prices vary according to the quality of the jewel, the complexity of its design, the high jewellery house that produced it and the stones and metals used. The second-hand jewelry industry is taking more and more an important part of the high jewelry market but it is sometimes difficult to find what it likes. Please do not hesitate to contact us to submit your start-up projects with your own choice of styles, metals and gemstones. The most beautiful pieces are often born from this collaboration which forces us to surpass ourselves. Also take the opportunity to discover our new collection of engagement rings.

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