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At the very top. An expression of pride.
Not the one we buy. The one we feel.
Through steps and steps,
Horns and trumpets sound the crowning.

The Flamme jeweler in pink from Montreal created this royal collection a few years ago and its popularity has not stopped. The crown ring in white gold 14k offered on the online store appeal to both men and women when they are looking for a quality gift idea. The Crown Collection also offers duets from Ring solitary and bulrush matched with beauty. The solitary diamond is set in perfect value and shines with all its fires on the engagement ring. The rush completes and graciously surrounds the shape of the solitary diamond. The bride will be well dressed. The princess rings in white goldpink or yellow, smooth, textured or paved with diamonds can all nest on top of each other. They fit perfectly on the finger and their total weight gives you the impression of wearing nothing. The designers of Flamme en rose also offer earrings with citrine or topaz whose shape blends perfectly with the rest of the jewels of the same collection. Make yourself happy and do you offer a princess ring or any other jewel from the La couronne collection and trust Flamme en rose for the quality of their products and service. Do you hesitate to order online because you do not know the size of your friend's finger or even your own finger? Order a free baguier on the site to educate you about the size guide. The Flamme jeweler in pink sends a detailed procedure with the baguier to make your job easier. Shipping fees are free throughout Canada.

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