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Small gifts for friendship, big ones for love.

Ready-to-wear: Flamme en rose has a large collection of ready-to- wear jewellery for all styles and for all budgets. There is nothing more meaningful than giving a piece of jewellery to a loved one. Your little niece just had her ears pierced, give her a pair of heart shaped earrings or her first pair of pearls. A close friend is going through a difficult situation, she would surely appreciate a piece of jewellery from our Courage collection. Our necklaces and pendants also make for great gifts. Our animal shaped pendants represent well Canada and are hand carved by our jewellery artist. Step of the beaten path and offer a horseshoe pendant, that comes with style, refinement and perhaps luck! Valentine’s day is around the corner, our choices of women’s gift range from simple earrings to extravagant engagement rings. Not sure what to pick for that special someone, call us, at Flamme en rose you will always be advised by a jewellery expert. Customer service and the quality of our products are truly a priority for us. Trust Flamme en rose for jewellery you would like to offer as much as receive.

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