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From your first glimmer, you create drama.
Where were you last night? Somewhere in Asia?
One thing is for sure, you are never late, a true piece of art.
We await your signal, one, two, three, start!

Montreal's Flamme en rose jewelery created this collection full of light to warm hearts no matter the weather outside. These jewels of Quebec inspired by our well-marked seasons, are entirely handcrafted by Flamme jewelers in pink and are available in Sterling Silver, 10K Gold, 14K and 18K. The big blue under the sky is the focus of this magnificent collection with its twelve small diamonds and oval aquamarine center. The thirteenth lucky diamond, also created in the laboratory, is found on the bail of the pendant. This one is the envy of all jewelers of Quebec. The simplified version of the pendant also has the 1 point diamond on the bail, even the sterling silver one. The pendant is also beautiful in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Wear the winter or summer earrings according to your desire of the day. The difference of the earrings lies in its oval and round shapes and these are molded beautifully to the lobe. To this collection Sun are added magnificent engagement rings and duets with wedding ring. These jewels, all made in Quebec, are available on the online store and they are easy to find in the Collections menu. Flame in pink is recognized among the jewelry designers from Quebec for the quality of their products and their impeccable after-sales service. There are few jewelers in Quebec with such a good reputation. Sunny your life with creations of Quebec jewelry from Flamme en rose.

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