Made in Montreal


You spring out from oblivion
Half the time, not in our vison
Never too far, you prevail
With or without your veil

The Montreal jewellery store Flamme en rosehas succeeded in creating this collection full of light and hope to warm hearts no matter what the weather is like outside. These Quebec jewels, inspired by our well-defined seasons, are entirely handmade by the jewellers of Flamme en rose and are available in sterling silver, 10K, 14K and 18K gold. The big blue under the sun was the first piece that inspired this collection, with its twelve small diamonds and its oval aquamarine centre. The thirteenth lucky diamond is found on the pendant's bail. The simplified version of the Big blue under the sun pendant is called winter sky and summer sky, they also have a 1-point diamond on the bail, even the ones made of sterling silver. Earrings are also available, the winter sun or the summer sun earrings. The difference between the two are that the winter sun is oval, and the summer sun is round. Also found in the sun collection, are magnificent engagement rings and duos with wedding rings perfectly matching engagement rings. These unique and romantic jewels are all handmake in Quebec and available in our online store, easily found when scrolling the collections menu. Flamme en rose is recognized among Quebec's jewellery designers for the quality of their products and for their impeccable after-sales service. There are few jewellers in Quebec with such a good reputation. Enjoy the sunshine in your life with jewellery creations from Quebec’s own Flamme en rose.

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