5 reasons to opt for handmade jewellery

5 reasons to choose handcrafted jewelry

Before talking to you about trends and consumption habits in jewelry, let's first define what hand-made jewelry is as opposed to manufactured jewelry. Handcrafted jewelry results from the know-how of one or more jewelry artisans who supervise and carry out each manufacturing step from the initial design to polishing. Unlike manufactured jewelry, it is not the result of work on an industrial chain. Whether it's a ring, earrings or any other piece of jewelry, here are the five main reasons that can motivate a person to choose handcrafted jewelry.

1. Buy a local product

The studies are unanimous: In Quebec, since 2010, the trend has been towards the consumption of local products and it is growing year after year. Some see this way of consuming as a way to support the local economy, preserve jobs and promote economic benefits in their region. Others see a more social aspect, namely support for companies which adopt respectful working conditions and which grant fair compensation to workers. Some also want to contribute ecologically by reducing the transport of goods. Whatever the reason, buying locally produced jewelry allows you to control the origin of the product and respect your consumption values.

2. Wear unique jewelry

When made by hand, the jewelry bears the signature of its creator . The jewel is not a clone reproduced in thousands of copies. It has its own DNA even if the model has been reproduced a few times. For example, a hand-designed engagement ring cannot be identical to another since the manufacturing steps such as soldering and setting the precious stones are the result of human work and therefore unique.

3. Design for quality

There are no machines sophisticated enough to replace the skills and know-how of a jeweler, especially when it comes to soldering precious metals and setting. An assembly line allows for quantity at a lower cost, often at the expense of quality and durability. The work of the jeweler produces exactly the opposite. Artisan jewelers do not have to respond to investors looking for profits. A jeweler's royalties come from the trust they establish with their customer base.

A jeweler works on a piece of jewelry at his jewelry bench

4. Repair instead of forgetting

Jewelry stores will confirm this to you: Manufactured jewelry is often of lower quality and breaks more easily. In many cases, jewelers simply refuse to repair them because the work is not worth it. The jewels are put aside or they are exchanged for the value of gold. A piece of jewelry made by hand is more easily repaired since the manufacturing bases are better. The after-sales service of a jeweler is more personalized and does not go through multiple intermediaries. The repair will not be free unless the breakage comes from a manufacturing defect.

5. Get value for your money

Isn't it time to consume better as a society? Buy less but buy better? Invest in a sustainable product, more suitable, closer to our values? By purchasing a handmade piece of jewelry from a jeweler, you are choosing a personalized service and you are banking on a quality, signed creation . You are investing in a valuable asset that you will keep for a long time and which can be repaired in the event of damage. In the medium and long term, there is no doubt that you will benefit from better value for money on your purchase .

At Flamme en rose, our customers reveal to us every day the importance of purchasing hand-made jewelry. It does not come to us to repair their jewelry but to design new ones. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with one of our jewelers to purchase a piece of handmade jewelry.