Prong reconstruction and crimping

The stones on your jewelry are precious. You have to take care of it. In jewelry, stones embellish the jewelry setting with different types of setting. Depending on the type of setting, special attention must be paid to monitor wear of the metal.

It is not always easy to see with the naked eye the condition of the prong jewelry setting or the quality of the metal around a bezel setting. This is why Flamme en rose offers you a free assessment of the condition of the setting of your diamonds on your engagement ring or on any other type of jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones.

We advise all our customers to have the condition of the setting on their jewelry checked once a year, mainly on rings with a central diamond. It is also important to monitor your jewelry following a significant impact. A twist in the metal or a microcrack in a stone could cause it to come out of its base. During your visit, if our jewelry experts detect that your jewelry needs to be solidified at the level of setting a diamond or other precious stones, we will give you an on-the-spot estimate of the costs for claw reconstruction.

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Jewelry transformation from a yellow gold ring with rubies to a multi-row ring


In jewelry, different types of setting are used. Some settings require more attention than others so that you never lose your stones . The prong setting is the one to which the most attention must be paid. On a solitaire ring for example, the prongs of the jewel stand out and absorb a lot of shock. The metal will therefore wear out more quickly where it is most exposed. When wear is visible and dangerous for the strength of the diamond setting, we will proceed with a reconstruction of the prongs . This means that we will add metal to the existing claws to strengthen them. It also sometimes happens that the claws are so worn that it is impossible to add metal. In a case like this, complete replacement of the prongs on the jewelry is necessary.

For diamond solitaires, it is also possible to use a bezel setting . That is to say, there is metal all around the stone. This type of setting hides the central stone a little more but protects it better. Given that a good amount of metal surrounds the stone, this is a very reassuring setting choice in the long term since there is very little chance of the metal wearing away and the diamond coming out of its setting.

In other types of jewelry setting, there is the rail setting , often called channel, the mass setting and the grain setting . These types of settings are often used on rings where the diamonds are next to each other. These settings should also be monitored annually but as the metal is less exposed than on a prong setting, it will tend to wear out a little less quickly.

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