Forever One Moissanite Jewelry

Forever One Moissanite is a gemstone composed of silicon carbide and manufactured by Charles & Colvard, the world's largest moissanite manufacturer and cutter. Jewelry created with moissanite has this advantage; they cost less, they are not linked to any ethical problems and they are less polluting to produce.

Discover the collection of moissanite rings made in the Flamme en rose workshop in Montreal. The Flamme en rose jewelry store has used Forever One moissanite from Charles & Colvard since its creation in 2009, several years ahead of other high-end jewelry manufacturers in Montreal.

The use of moissanite is not just for rings. We also find the necklace with moissanite, the chain with moissanite and the earring with moissanite.


Charles & Colvard: excellence in moissanite in Canada

Charles & Colvard enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the world. This American manufacturer of precious stones prioritizes human and environmental rights beyond the profits generated. In addition, Charles & Colvard moissanite is affordable when compared to natural diamonds. Flamme en rose is an authorized seller of Charles & Colvard Canada and one of its most important ambassadors.

Explore the Forever One moissanite range

If you are looking for a durable alternative to traditional diamonds, lab-grown moissanite is the solution for you. It is durable and scratch resistant. The Forever One moissanite Canada brand is particularly renowned for the quality of its stones which are guaranteed for life.

Rings with moissanite in all its forms: gold, silver and more

When you choose a custom ring with a center stone, you have the freedom to personalize every detail, including the size, shape and type of metal used. A gold ring with moissanite is a classic and elegant choice. The yellow gold ring with moissanite adds a touch of warmth and richness while the white gold ring with moissanite creates a more modern and refined look. If you're looking for something a little different, the rose gold ring is a trendy and romantic option.

Men's rings with moissanite are also available, offering a stylish alternative. You can choose between different types of metals, including a sterling silver ring with moissanite for a more understated aesthetic.

When purchasing a Forever One moissanite center stone, you can be assured that you are getting a top quality stone that will never be confused with cubic zirconia.

Find the perfect moissanite ring for any occasion

More and more people are choosing the engagement ring with moissanite for economic reasons. The moissanite ring has a significantly lower price than the diamond ring. More concretely, the solitaire with diamond That's the joy of Flamme en rose jewelry costs three times more than the same solitaire with moissanite. That's a huge difference in price when you consider that this stone looks exactly like a diamond.

Offer your lover the size of stone she desires while respecting your initial budget. The sparkle of a moissanite engagement ring will be matched only by your big smile when you see it. Come in store to discover our rings with moissanite for sale and try to differentiate them from our other rings. The Flamme en rose jewelry store has a vast collection of rings with moissanite for any occasion.

Discover moissanite in Montreal

Since the 1980s, Charles & Colvard has continued to improve their moissanite manufacturing technique, making it ever more shiny and solid. The moissanite sold in Canada is one of the best in the world and Flamme en rose is the best place to discover moissanite in Montreal.

Get an affordable moissanite ring if you have more modest means and are the type who cares about ethical and environmental issues. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions surrounding the creation of a custom ring with moissanite. The Flamme en rose jewelers are experts in the field and will be able to guide you in your choice.