Distinctive selection of men's rings

From the classic model to the more daring design, including the ring with precious stone and the raw and textured wedding ring, our men's bangles reflect avant-garde fashion, combining elegance and modernity. Current trends are at the heart of our collection, highlighting signet rings for men and wedding rings for men, key pieces in men's accessories.


Important note, many are tempted by the black ring for men in tungsten, tantalum or titanium for their manly look and their inexpensive price. These rings, however, have the major drawback of not allowing any size adjustment. Moreover, in the event of sudden swelling, the only place to cut it is in the hospital. This is why we only use noble and safe materials such as gold and sterling silver to make our men's rings.

Materials and designs for every style

Each material and design is chosen to express a facet of your personality. At Flamme en rose, we believe that each gold or silver ring for men reflects not only a choice of style, but also a part of the identity of the wearer. Our diverse collections, like that of Aventuriers, offer unique styles that adapt to all tastes.

For wedding rings, the white gold men's band represents the timeless elegance often sought after to celebrate a union and wear it for many years. The designs range from vintage to modern, both the gold wedding ring for men and the silver wedding ring for men, incorporating elements of current and trendy fashion.

Our personalization service goes further by offering you the option of adding a unique engraving or precious stone. The men's diamond ring has been one of our favorite creations for several years, while the stone ring has also found its customers.

Rings for meaningful moments

At Flamme en rose, we understand the importance of meaningful moments and our selection of rings is created to honor these precious moments. Whether to mark an engagement, seal a marriage or mark an anniversary, we offer engagement rings for men, wedding rings for men, wedding bands, as well as wedding rings for men and women.

Our men's wedding rings and anniversary rings are expertly crafted, using precious metals like gold, silver and platinum, and can be personalized with engravings or gemstones to make each piece truly unique. To discover our full range and the perfect ring for your special moment, visit all our collections on our online jewelry store.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Ring

At Flamme en rose, we like to provide advice when it comes to finding the right ring for men. You must first consider your lifestyle and personal tastes. Choosing a ring for men should not be based on what the other person likes. Each accessory is an extension of your personality, reflecting your masculine style and approach to fashion.

Think about the metal that best represents you; the elegance of gold, the sobriety of silver or the brilliance of platinum. Design also plays a crucial role; whether you are attracted to vintage, classic, modern or trendy, opt for the style that suits your tastes.

For a personalized consultation, make an appointment with a jeweler who will guide you through our exclusive collection, ensuring that your choice is in perfect harmony with your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Maintenance and care of rings

Caring for a men's ring begins with regular cleaning in order to maintain the shine and elegance of your jewelry. To clean a ring, simply use a mild solution of soap and warm water, avoiding harsh chemicals that could tarnish the metal or damage the gemstones.

To make a gold ring shine, rub gently with a soft-bristle brush. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth to avoid scratches on metal or gemstones. It is important to store your jewelry separately to avoid friction and protect its shape.

By caring for your jewelry, whether it is a silver wedding ring or a gold wedding ring, you ensure its beauty for years to come. These care methods also work for engagement rings and wedding rings.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about men's rings

How to choose the right ring size for men?

To choose the right ring size for men, it is essential to measure the finger at the end of the day, when it is most dilated. Use a tape measure or ring sizer to find the circumference of your finger taking into account your knuckles. Then transfer your measurement in mm to ring size using a correspondence table.

What are the most popular materials for men's rings?

The most popular materials for men's rings include gold, favored for its association with luxury, and sterling silver, malleable and always elegant. Steel and tungsten are also popular choices even though they are not adjustable.

How to maintain and clean men's rings?

To care for and clean men's rings, it is advisable to wash them gently with a solution of warm water and mild soap, using a soft-bristled brush to remove accumulated dirt. After cleaning, rinse the ring thoroughly with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth to prevent stains or scratches from appearing on the metal.