The wedding ring for men: a timeless symbol of your love

Are you preparing for the big day and looking for your men's wedding ring? Flamme en rose jewelry store in Montreal is the perfect place to meet your needs since it has a wide choice of wedding ring models and great expertise in the field of men's jewelry. If you are a conventional type of man, Flamme en rose offers a classic ring collection. If you like to think outside the box, the Les aventuriers collection offers unique and masculine models that you won't find anywhere else. Wedding is certainly a significant moment in life and the wedding ring is the symbol of this unforgettable day. Let us guide you in finding the right men's ring.



The choice of metals for wedding rings: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or silver

The first question you need to ask yourself is what type of metal you want to wear on your ring finger on your left hand. If we ignore platinum, a shiny, resistant but also more expensive metal, gold and silver are the two precious metals usually used for the manufacture of a wedding ring. A men's silver wedding ring is a wise and economical choice, but it requires more maintenance than a gold ring. Sterling silver oxidizes and tarnishes more easily, especially when in contact with skin. At Flamme en rose, we offer the rhodium plating service which allows the ring to keep its shine for longer. However, gold remains the metal of choice for wedding rings and it comes in three shades of color. There is white gold, yellow gold and also rose gold for those who like to break stereotypes. Flamme en rose jewelry's white gold men's wedding rings are automatically rhodium-plated to remove any yellowish tint that prevents them from shining. You must then choose the purity of the gold between 10, 14 or 18 carats. As the number increases, purity and prices increase.


Engagement rings for men

Less traditional than the wedding ring, the men's engagement ring is a trend that seems to find its niche among those looking for new ring models available on the market. Like the engagement ring for women, the engagement ring for men is differentiated by its more original and glamorous shape. White gold men's engagement rings usually feature small gemstones such as diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald. The Flamme en rose jewelry store also offers a beautiful two-tone gold ring set with small diamonds. In a constantly evolving world where genders are shedding their stereotypes, we can expect the men's engagement ring market to continue to expand.


Wedding bands for men with precious stones

Dare to adorn your men's bangle with one or more precious stones to make it completely unique. The men's wedding ring with diamond is the new fashionable jewel. Set in the mass, the diamonds are firmly encrusted in the jewel and are protected from the hazards of manual work. Please note that Flamme en rose only uses Canadian diamonds or laboratory-created diamonds. If you can't find exactly the model of men's ring with diamond that you are looking for, Flamme en rose also offers a custom jewelry creation service for men. We suggest starting this process with a virtual meeting with one of our jewelers which does not oblige you in any way.


Eco-responsible wedding band for men in white gold

All our gold rings for men are handmade from recycled metals while respecting eco-responsible manufacturing standards. The wedding band for men in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold that you will wear every day will be free from any ethical problem. By purchasing a gold men's bangle from Flamme en rose, you benefit a local company that hires qualified workers at a fair wage.


Matching ring set

Flamme en rose offers beautiful engagement and wedding ring duos for women. It is then easier to arrange the set of wedding rings once the women's rings have been chosen. Whether for a luxury wedding or a simple celebration, Flamme en rose has ring models for men and women that go perfectly with each other. If you thought fine jewelry only belonged to women, think again. You will not have thousands of opportunities to treat yourself to a piece of men's jewelry as symbolic as at your wedding and the Flamme en rose team of jewelers will be able to guide you with wise advice for choosing your engagement and wedding rings. wedding that meets your tastes. Trust Flamme en rose to find your wedding ring for men, whether in store or on our transactional website. Delivery is free everywhere in Canada.