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Restringing pearls

Stringing pearls is an art from that has been practiced all over the world since the beginning of time. It must be precise and finely executed. Traditional threading requires a specific needle and a pure silk thread that allows knots to be tied between each pearl.  

After a few years, re-stringing a pearl necklace or bracelet is highly recommended for several reasons. Firstly, the pearls will be cleaned of any perfume or soaps, which can harm the pearl. These chemicals attack the mother-of-pearl and can make the pearl lose its luster. Secondly, the silk thread eventually stretches and becomes fragile over time. It must therefore be replaced by another silk thread not any other kind of string or wire, in order to maintain the necklace or bracelets flexibility. 

If you would like to preserve the brilliance and the solidity of your pearl accessories, the Flamme en rose team offers a traditional re-stringing service that comes with a guarantee.

Transformation of jewellery from a yellow gold ring with rubies to a multi-row ring


The pearl is a beautiful object in itself, however when aligned with others their luster makes them come alive, truly breathtaking. The Flamme en rose jewellery store is the perfect place in Montreal to have your pearls re-strung. They have been offering this service since their beginnings in 2009 and are experts in the field. Not only can they resting your bracelets and necklaces, they also offer a wide selection of handmade claps in silver, yellow gold or white gold, manufactured in house and add an extra touch of elegance. Flamme en rose also offers a wide range of pearls including freshwater pearls as well as Tahitian pearls. 

The Le berceau collection is a unique creation of Flamme en rose and offers several models of pendants and earrings with pearls. The refined design of this collection makes it extremely popular with customers and makes a wonderful gift. In addition to the custom jewelry creation and jewelry transformation service, the bead threading service has been a specialty of the house since the company's creation in 2009. 

Trust Flamme en rose, they can tread, re-tread, custom make and transform your jewellery.

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