Gold earrings: The perfect piece of jewelry for any occasion

Our women's gold earrings shine with their refinement and chic look. Whether classic hoop earrings, simple embellishments, ear beads or sparkling pendants set with diamonds, sapphires or emeralds, each of our pieces is a guarantee of quality and taste. Jewelry for all occasions, gold earrings bring a touch of sophistication that invites glamour and fantasy.


Gold: A precious metal with many facets

Gold, with its eternal splendor, is the material par excellence for earrings, offering durability, elegance and unquestionable value. The different types of gold allow you to harmonize your jewelry with your personal style and the color of your skin.

White gold earrings, prized for their modern look and the sparkle of their setting, perfectly complement the diamonds, creating a sparkling effect. The rose gold earring, with its warm and romantic hue, brings a touch of tenderness and luxury, echoing precious stones such as sapphire. The yellow gold earring, classic and luminous, reflects tradition and adds a refined and sunny shine.

At Flamme en rose, we make solid gold earrings that suit all tastes and occasions. Stronger and more durable than gold plated, our pieces are made of meticulously selected alloy and gold to ensure the quality and value of the ornament.

Gold and precious stones: A perfect marriage

The arrangement of gold with precious stones is an art in which each creation is as unique as the one who wears it. The richness of gold, in its multiple shades and carats, forms the perfect setting for the colorful sparkles of gems. At Flamme en rose, we bring to life gold and precious stone jewelry of unparalleled beauty and elegance.

18K gold earrings, with their high gold content, provide a sumptuous backdrop for diamonds and sapphires. 14K gold earrings, valued for their strength and shine, are ideal for showcasing emeralds and rubies. As for 10K gold earrings, they combine durability and accessibility, allowing everyday luxury with chic and feminine adornments.

Each setting and setting is designed to accentuate the innate beauty of gemstones for gold, creating accessories that capture the light and the eyes. As with earrings, this marriage of gold with gems creates sparkling engagement rings and refined pendants.

How to Choose Perfect Gold Earrings

To choose gold earrings that suit you perfectly, start by considering your face shape. Sleek, dangling earrings can flatter the features of a rounded face, while oval or circular shapes tend to soften angular faces.

Gold earrings have prices that can vary due to several factors such as the carat of the gold, the reputation of the manufacturer and the complexity of the design. The important thing is to find a piece that goes with multiple outfits and your everyday style. Earrings, style, with precious stones like sapphire or emerald, can add color and sparkle for special occasions.

Flamme en rose offers a varied range of earrings, from the most affordable to the most opulent, including classic models and essentials.

For tight budgets, 10K gold earrings are an affordable option, while 18K gold is ideal for a long-term investment. No matter the value, we manufacture all our models with the same concern for quality and durability.

Care and conservation of earrings

Caring for your gold jewelry, especially earrings, is essential to preserve their shine and beauty over time. To begin, soak your jewelry in a solution of mild soap and warm water. Scrub gently with a soft bristle brush, rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals that can tarnish gold and alter the brilliance of gemstones and diamonds.

By following these simple tips on how to clean gold earrings, you will ensure that you remove the dirt that accumulates from wearing them. Sometimes it can happen that 10K gold jewelry changes color upon contact with a chemical product. Cleaning with soap can't do anything about it. Only polishing in a jewelry store can restore it to its former look.

Your jewelry is precious accessories that deserve special attention. Whether classic hoop earrings or diamond-encrusted pendants, each piece should be treated with care. Store them separately to avoid scratches. Humid environments and direct light should also be avoided.

Discover our collection of gold earrings

Discover the splendid collection of gold earrings from our online jewelry store where each piece is a true treasure of elegance and refinement. By choosing Flamme en rose gold earrings, you are opting for quality jewelry, designed with exceptional know-how. Find our latest designs in our New Arrivals section, a diverse offering of styles ranging from classic chic to modern designs, delicate embellishments and sparkling pendants.

By combining tradition and trend, the collection illustrates a balance between fantasy and sophistication. Whether for a glamorous night out or an everyday look, our quality earrings are a perfect choice. Each pair of Flamme en rose earrings is unique, reflecting the feminine and creative spirit of the brand founded in 2009 by Michèle Côté and Audrée Michaud.

FAQ - The most frequently asked questions about gold earrings

What are the different types of gold earrings?

Types of gold earrings include discreet stud earrings, timeless hoop earrings, elegant drop earrings, classic stud earrings, and glamorous chandelier earrings. They can be yellow, white or rose gold and vary in terms of carats.

How to choose gold earrings?

To choose gold earrings, consider your face shape, hair and skin color, personal style, and frequency of use. Opt for quality with carats that fit your budget and designs that reflect your personality.

How do I care for my gold earrings?

To care for your gold earrings, clean them regularly with a soft cloth and a solution of lukewarm water mixed with a little mild soap. Avoid harsh chemicals, rinse them well and dry them thoroughly before storing them away from moisture. If your earrings have precious stones, have the condition of your prongs checked once every 5 years.

What affects the price of gold earrings?

The price of gold earrings is influenced by the carat of the gold, the complexity of the design, the type and quality of the gemstones added, and the manufacturer. Changes in the gold market can also affect the final price.