Expensive gold or sterling silver jewelry

Flamme en rose is a Montreal jewelry store that designs and manufactures all of its jewelry in its workshop. To please without breaking the bank, Flamme en rose offers a wide choice of affordable Quebec jewelry. Entry-level or not, all Flamme en rose jewelry is handmade by experienced jewelers and each piece of jewelry undergoes rigorous quality control before being put on sale. For an affordable engagement ring, opt for models without a stone or with moissanite to keep costs down. Flamme en rose is an authorized retailer of the world's largest moissanite manufacturer, Charles & Colvard. 925 sterling silver jewelry can also be a very good option when you want to treat yourself to inexpensive designer jewelry.


Cheap online jewelry in Canada

Flamme en rose is one of Montreal's most prominent jewelry brands. It is not a cheap jewelry store but it offers several purchasing options to its customers. Its cheap online jewelry is made with the same attention to detail as all its high-end jewelry. Its highly secure transactional site allows you to purchase a multitude of inexpensive jewelry online with free delivery throughout Canada. Their collections, all exclusive, offer jewelry for men and women, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Jewelry is not just yellow gold and diamonds. You can find beautiful jewelry for less than $500 without having to turn to costume jewelry.

Transform your jewelry into gold inexpensively

Founded in 2009 by two master jewelers from Quebec, the Flamme en rose jewelry store offers an extraordinary customer experience and inclusive customer service in a warm setting. At Flamme en rose, you are always advised by the jewelers who own the company. Flamme en rose has become over the years the leader in the jewelry processing industry in Quebec. Transformation is a physical and artistic process that allows old, discarded jewelry to have a second life. Buy quality jewelry for less than $500 thanks to the Flamme en rose jewelry store, located in the main jewelry building in the heart of downtown Montreal.