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Montreal’s Flamme en rose boutique supplies, upon request, a certificate of evaluation with their higher end jewellery. It is, in fact, an FGA (Gemological association of Great Britain) certified certificate, which describes the jewel, the stones and determined its exact market value. 

 Flamme en rose can produce an insurance certificate at any time as long as the jewel can be physically analyzed, even if it is not a Flamme en rose creation. These certificates are very useful in case of loss or theft and can accelerate the claim process with your insurer. They can also be beneficial when reselling your jewel. If your jewel is destroyed, stolen or lost and does not have an insurance certificate, Flamme en rose can produce a jewellery replacement quote with the help of photos and a detailed description. If the piece or the pieces in question are signed Flamme en rose, rest assured that Flamme en rose will have all the necessary information and will be able to provide you with a replacement quote.  

The replacement quote does not carry the same importance as a certificate of evaluation; however, it is still helpful for insurance claims. Flamme en rose strongly suggest having an evaluation certificate done for any purchase of a piece of jewellery or precious stone with a value of 2500$ and more. Protect your big investment with a small investment of approximately 100$.

Transformation of jewellery from a yellow gold ring with rubies to a multi-row ring


Nowadays, there are all kinds of insurance for valuable jewellery. Long before you take out insurance, it's a good idea to assess your needs and risks. There is certainly a specific insurance that meets your needs. If you hesitate to wear your valuable jewellery because you are sometimes distracted, there is lost jewellery insurance. Do you travel a lot? There are insurances that cover you and your valuables when you travel. A series of robberies have recently occurred in your neighbourhood? Don't hesitate to take out insurance in case of theft. You want to protect your jewelry for all occasions? There is now an all-risk insurance for jewellery.

This being said, the important thing is to get a jewelry insurance certificate when you buy a valuable piece of jewelry. You will have the right paperwork on hand in case of a claim related to your insurance policy. Also, if you decide to sell your jewelry, there is no better evaluation of your jewelry since it is very reassuring for buyers. Don't hesitate to contact one of our jewellers for sound advice on this matter.

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