Our jewelry repair services, transformations and custom creations

Jewelry transformation from a yellow gold ring with rubies to a multi-row ring

Jewelry processing

Most people have a few old pieces of jewelry in the bottom of a drawer at home. Why not use this metal and stones to create a ring, pendant or any other piece of jewelry you dream of? Most jewelry stores will only offer to exchange your jewelry for a small amount of cash. At Flamme en rose, we instead offer you the possibility of transforming your memories according to your desires and tastes.

In order to meet the growing demand of its customers, Flamme en rose has developed incomparable expertise in jewelry transformation. This service is unique in itself since it can only be offered to you by a jeweler; in order to transform a necklace, a ring, earrings or a pendant, it is imperative to master the art of jewelry and it is essential to have great creativity. Over many years of experience, the Flamme en rose team has become the reference in Quebec for jewelry transformation.

Custom creation

Isn't it extraordinary to be able to wear a piece of jewelry that was made just for you? For the Flamme en rose team, each customer is treated with care, with the same attention regardless of the value of the jewelry to be created. Whether for a custom engagement ring with a shower of diamonds or a custom pendant in sterling silver, the jewelers at Flamme en rose want to meet you and discuss the projects you have in mind.

Master jewelers and design experts, the Flamme en rose team is there to make all your desires come true. Whether from an idea, a drawing or a photo, our designer will look at all the possibilities with you according to your budget. The creation of custom jewelry is an exciting aspect of our profession because it allows us to establish a creative link with the customer.

Do not hesitate to make an appointment with us, our meetings and estimates are free of charge and without obligation on your part.

Jewelry Polishing/Cleaning

Flamme en rose has high-end expertise in jewelry polishing . Entrust us with your rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings for polishing and you will find them in the same splendor as when they were new. This refurbishment service is recommended twice a year so as not to wear out the metal too prematurely. However, it is possible to have your jewelry cleaned as much as you want.

Jewelry repairs

Too often a gold chain or an heirloom ring is no longer worn for the sole reason that it is broken. Repairs are generally not very expensive and will give a second life to your forgotten jewelry. We can also work small miracles with your broken jewelry thanks to our jewelry transformation and recycling service. In addition, following a jewelry repair , your jewelry will be completely cleaned and repolished. Come see us to get a free estimate!

* Please note that we cannot repair jewelry that is plated or not made of precious metals.

Scaling up

The vagaries of daily life cause our body to change. Our hands swell, our fingers lose weight, our joints play tricks on us. Don't be uncomfortable in your jewelry because Flamme en rose has all the necessary qualifications to carry out superb, totally invisible enhancements. In addition, with our laser welding expertise, it is possible for us to enlarge or shrink your rings which have been refused by many other jewelers.


What better way to immortalize the memory of a magnificent piece of jewelry than to make a personalized inscription. Engraving a love note or the wedding date inside a ring or bangle is the most popular concept. On the other hand, note that it is also possible to engrave several types of jewelry. Whether it is to add the name of your little one to your magnificent heart pendant or simply to refresh the engraving of your medical bracelet, Flamme en rose is there for you.

Stringing beads

Pearl necklaces often have great sentimental value. If your mother has just given you her beautiful pearl necklace that she wore at her wedding, it would be prudent of you to have it re-threaded. Pearl necklaces with traditional threading are mounted on pure silk thread. It is completely normal for this thread to stretch and wear out over the years. Flamme en rose offers you a turnkey service for your beaded necklaces or bracelets. These will first be cleaned of all traces of perfume and soap to prevent these chemicals from attacking the mother-of-pearl. Subsequently, each pearl will be carefully re-threaded on a silk thread with a knot between each one to prevent crumbling. Pearls are timeless, take care of them!

Prong reconstruction and crimping

When jewelry, mainly rings, is worn on a daily basis, it is very important for the safety of the stones to have the prongs checked annually. At Flamme en rose, expert eyes can assess the condition of your claws and take stock of the work to be done. Sometimes a simple tightening of the claws does the job. In other cases, it is necessary to do a claw retip. This involves adding metal to thin, but still existing, claws. In a case of extreme wear, claw reconstruction or complete replacement is necessary. Following one of these interventions, an experienced setter will take care of repositioning your stones according to their original location.

Rhodium plating

Rhodium is a noble metal in the same family as platinum. This metal is regularly used in the form of plating to cover white gold jewelry. Over time, it is normal for the veneer to wear away in areas most exposed to friction. This wear will reveal the very pale yellow side of the white gold. It is therefore interesting to have your most worn white gold rings replated on an annual basis. In addition, Flamme en rose uses high-end Italian veneer!

Jewelry insurance certificate

In many cases, having an appraisal certificate for valuable jewelry can save you a lot of time and money. Whether for your insurance or as proof of authenticity when reselling to another person, the FGA ( Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain ) appraisal certificate is worth the small investment. Flamme en rose works in partnership with gemologists certified by the FGA to provide you with a highly precise legal certificate. Some of our high-end jewelry is automatically provided with this type of certification. Furthermore, we will be happy to authenticate all types of jewelry, even those that were not purchased from us.

Quote for replacement of stolen jewelry

If unfortunately the theft of one or more of your jewels occurs, your insurer will ask you for proof of replacement detailed with the specifics of each of the insured jewels. Using photos or descriptions from you, we will be happy to provide you with an official quote for your insurance for the replacement of your stolen jewelry. Our official quotes are accepted by all insurance companies. These quotes are free of charge if the jewelry is recreated at our jewelry store.

Watch repair and polishing

We offer the following services for your watch:

- Bracelet polishing

- Battery change

- Window replacement

- Cleaning the mechanism

- Replacement of parts

Most of the services offered for watches are available as a 24-hour express service. Contact us for more details.

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