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Polishing and cleaning

At Flamme en rose, we have an incomparable expertise in in jewellery polishing. Our polisher Pierre Juliano has been polishing for over 40 years and he is one of the best in Québec. Entrust us with your jewellery; rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches…..We will be able to restore them to their original splendor. We recommend a maximum of two polishings per year to avoid premature metal wear. However, it is possible to have your jewellery cleaned as much as needed.

If your rings have seen better days and simply cleaning them at home is no longer doing the trick, our ultrasonic machine will overcome some of the toufhest task.

Know that when you buy jewellery from us, we invite you to come see us once a year for a free refurbishing.

Transformation of jewels from a yellow gold ring with rubies into a multi-strand ring


Montreal’s Flamme en rose jewellery store offers high-end polishing and cleaning services. Bring your gold and silver jewellery to their former glory thanks to the mericulous work of our experts and our state-of-the-art tools. Have you tried to clean your jewellery at home without success? Do not worry Flamme en rose can make miracles happen with your tarnished jewellery, without using corrosive products that could damage your jewellery in the long run. There are home solutions but please do not forget to use a soft-bristle toothbrush, chamois-type rags and avoid the commercial-type chemicals that can speed up the oxidation process.

Fall back in love with your jewellery by having them polished. Although like all good things, we must not abuse. Polishing removes a tiny amount of metal every time, therefore when repeated too often your piece might be subject to early wear.

Our polishing services are done in our Montreal workshop which ensures short deadlines.

Flamme en rose is a recognized Montreal-based jewellery company that stands out for the quality of their services and the quality of their products.

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