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The lifetime guarantee of Flamme en rose 

At Flamme en rose, all our jewellery is made in our Montreal workshop by qualified jewellers according to very strict quality standards. We want your satisfaction to last well beyond the purchase of one of our jewels. When you purchase a piece of jewelry Flamme en rose in our boutique workshop or via our website, you receive a certificate of authenticity and benefit from a lifetime warranty against defects and manufacturing faults. 

Terms and conditions of the lifetime guarantee of Flamme en rose 

-In order to benefit from the lifetime Flamme en roseguarantee, give a little love to your jewelry as to every precious thing in your life. Take advantage of the free refurbishment we offer you once a year. This annual verification is necessary to maintain the lifetime warranty. At the same time, we will perform a complete cleaning, a scratch check, a polishing and a rhodium finish for white gold jewellery. 

-If a breakage should occur, we strongly suggest that you stop wearing your jewelry and come see us in our workshop for an inspection. If your jewelry breaks and, after analysis by our experts, we conclude that it is a manufacturing error on our part, we apply the lifetime warranty and fully assume the repair and shipping costs. On the other hand, if after analysis, we find that the breakage is caused by improper handling on your part (shock, impact, etc.), the repair and shipping costs to our workshop are at your expense. 

 -Although diamond is the hardest stone with an index of 10 on the hardness scale and Flamme en rose only high quality diamonds are sold, it is still possible to break or fracture a diamond. Please note that the coloured stones in our jewellery and the central diamond on our rings are not covered by the lifetime warranty. This is why we recommend that you purchase an insurance policy covering the loss and breakage of the central diamond, as well as the loss and theft of your ring. 

Try it at home before!
We know that buying a piece of jewellery online, especially one of higher value, might cause hesitation. As avid online shoppers ourselves, we know how important it is to see or try on the actual product before buying it. Therefore, we offer the possibility to do just that! We send you a replica of the model you like, allowing you to try it on in the comfort of your own home. Contact us for more details and costs, for they may vary from one model to another.

Taxes and customs fees
 Please be advised that all taxes (other than GST/QST), applicable fees and brokerage fees will be the client's responsibility.     

Payment Policy
The security of your payment is a priority for us! That's why Flamme en rose you can trust Shopify payments. Shopify payments complies with the PKI Data Security Standard and supports 3D Secure checkout. Payment for all online orders will be collected Flamme en rose via Shopify payments as soon as you have completed your entire online purchase. The currency used for all transactions is Canadian dollars. Any other currency indicated on the site is only indicative to estimate the total after conversion of the Canadian dollar.

All rights reserved
Flamme en rose is the sole owner of all rights and all the content found in this website. It is strictly forbidden by government law to use, copy or reproduce, in part or in a whole, any picture, design, text or other content found on this website.

All pictures presented on this website, were taken by a professional photographer and slightly retouched by computer. Therefore, it is possible that your actual piece differs slightly in color than the one seen on the website. Unlike many other websites, we have tried to make our photos as realistic as possible without using a 3D rendering software.

Possibility of errors
Flamme en rose is not only a company, it is above all, human beings who think, create, shape, write and interact. Despite the best of our efforts, it is possible that errors are found on our website. Whether in a product description or a price, we reserve the right to correct the inaccuracy with the client or perhaps in extreme cases, cancel the order.

A Size free bet!
You didn't order a ring in your size? Don't worry, we offer Flamme en rose you the possibility to correct the mistake and have an optimal fit. This adjustment is free of charge for any change of an extra stitch or a reduction of one stitch. For example, if you order a size 5, it is possible to adjust free of charge from size 4 to size 6. For any other adjustment of plus or minus one stitch, there may be an additional charge.

Only rings sold in Canada could be returned and must have been purchased less than 20 days prior.

  • The ring must not show any traces that it has been worn (micro-scratches, impacts, etc.). 
  • The ring must not have been previously sized, by us or any other jeweller. 
  • The jewelry doesn't have a custom engraving on the inside. It is however possible for you to benefit from your free personalized engraving after the setting in Size.

If all of the above conditions are respected, the first resizing is free of charge. There is a 2 week delay on most rings but for rings with a greater technical difficulty, there can be a longer delay .

We will be happy to provide you with a secure Canada Post return label so that this step is easy and fast for you.

How can I measure my finger size?
Don't know your finger size? You want to make a surprise but don't know which size to choose? Flamme en roseoffers to send you a free ring binder in a few days that will allow you to determine a finger size. Please click hereto receive your ring sizer for free!

Manufacturing time and delay
When you order a piece of jewelry on our website, we get to work within a few days to handcraft your precious jewelry with the utmost attention to detail and quality. The manufacturing and delivery time is 3 to 4 weeks maximum. If it is a gift and you would like to have your package as soon as possible, contact us to see the possibilities available to you. Do not hesitate to consult our ''prêt-à-s'offrir'' section to see our selection of jewelry with a delivery time of 3-5 business days.

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