Quote for replacement of stolen jewelry

Following the theft of your jewelry, you will need to provide proof of all steps taken to recover the value of your property from your insurer. Jewelry theft insurance reimbursement can be complex if you do not have all the elements in hand. If the theft takes place at home, your home insurance should cover the costs if you have a burglary clause.

First of all, it is important to alert the police authorities in order to file a complaint, provide your personal data and obtain a report of the theft of your precious objects. Where was your jewelry at the time of the theft? In a drawer, a safe or simply on your bedside table? It will be important for you to be precise when making your declaration and when producing the list of stolen jewelry. Any proof of the existence of this jewelry such as purchase invoices and photos will be useful to meet the needs of your stolen jewelry insurance contract.

In the insurance contract, the handling of your file will require quotes for replacement of stolen jewelry and it is at this stage that the Flamme en rose jewelry store can help you and improve your experience despite the unfortunate nature of the situation. . Thanks to your descriptions, proof of purchase and photos, the jewelry experts at Flamme en rose will be able to produce the necessary documents to obtain adequate reimbursement for your stolen jewelry insurance.

The jewelry store offers you this service free of charge if you commission it to reconstruct your jewelry.


When you purchase a high-end piece of jewelry from Flamme en rose jewelry in Montreal, we automatically produce a certificate of authenticity . This certificate details the composition of your jewelry and allows a fair assessment of its value in the event of jewelry theft . Your personal data and your proof of purchase are also stored securely in our system. In the event of theft, all you have to do is contact us to retrieve proof of the existence of your jewelry and we will offer you a free quote for replacing stolen jewelry .

If the jewelry does not come from the house, it is also possible for us to produce a replacement quote for stolen jewelry through an analysis of your description or photos of the precious objects. The cost of the quote will then be deducted from you if you decide to rebuild your jewelry(s) with us.

Here are some useful tips regarding your high-end jewelry. Keep your certificates of authenticity separate from your jewelry to prevent a thief from taking them during a burglary. These certificates increase their resale value on the black market. Also keep your purchase invoices after acquiring a valuable piece of jewelry both for its price and its date of acquisition. This will make your task easier when reporting the theft to the police authorities and obtaining your jewelry insurance reimbursement from your insurer. If you have very valuable jewelry, we advise you to have a safe. This could have a direct impact on the price of your stolen jewelry insurance contract.

Trust Flamme en rose for the stolen jewelry replacement quote service. Our experienced jewelers will help you recover from this sad event and improve your experience with insurance companies.

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