Exquisite collection of necklaces for women

Whether classic pearls or women's pendants mounted on Chain gold, our necklaces are more than just accessories. They are a symbol of luxury, fantasy and personalization, making them the ideal gift for a loved one or for yourself.

The personalized pendant lets you associate a fashion accessory with an important moment in your life. Delicate engraving, rare pearls, sparkling gemstones, chain link types, every detail is designed to capture your personality. At Flamme en rose, we create wearable works of art, crafted in noble materials such as gold and silver, that reflect a refined and glamorous style.


Personalized pendants made in Montreal

Located in the heart of Montreal's jewelry district, Flamme en rose offers a unique jewelry customization experience. Our attentive listening, boundless creativity and unparalleled attention to detail make every Montreal custom necklace a fashion accessory that reflects your style and your story.  

Choose from a variety of gemstones to create your birthstone pendant, like this ruby necklace for July natives. Dare the elegance of pearl necklaces with their natural beauty and timeless style. Find the right Chain for your size and taste, and add your favorite animal, such as a fox or hummingbird

Personalization goes far beyond simple engraving or Chain with a first name. Beware of cheap factory-made models, which are fragile and cannot be repaired if broken. Instead, opt for a personalized necklace made in Quebec by local jewelers, a guaranteed investment.

Elegance and quality: Our silver and gold necklaces

At Flamme en rose, the fusion of elegance and quality is expressed through our women's gold necklace and silver necklace collections. Each piece is designed to embody not only style, but durability and excellence. Our personalized sterling silver necklaces allow you to stand out from the crowd every day, embracing your taste for fashion without breaking your budget. 

The choice of gold and silver in jewelry is not a trivial one. These precious materials are renowned for their sparkle and brilliance. Silver is also recognized as the most versatile of all metals. What's more, their strength and quality guarantee that your Chain personalized gold or silver necklace will stay as bright and shiny as the day it was worn. 

Flamme en rose goes beyond simply creating jewelry. Our jewelers' attentiveness and expertise enable us to meticulously personalize your jewelry. Whether it's an engraving, a bold design or the addition of precious stones or pearls, each necklace created by our team becomes a unique and personal gift. Opting for a Flamme en rosering, bracelet, necklace or pendant means choosing a piece that captures the trend while remaining true to a timelessly elegant design.

Personalized necklaces: Your unique touch

In the glittering world of personalized jewelry, the creation of necklaces stands out as an elegant art, allowing everyone to express their unique touch. Whether as a gift or to add a special piece to your collection of fashion accessories, personalization is the key to a style that reflects you.

A personalized family pendant reflects the love and unique bonds that unite you. By engraving the names of your loved ones on a gold or silver pendant, you make this family treasure eternal. This piece becomes not only a piece of fashion jewelry, but also an emotional heirloom.

The personalized first name necklace is the perfect expression of your identity. Choose a typeface that matches your personal style, whether luxury or fantasy, and we'll provide you with a 3D drawing before manufacturing it in gold or silver. Pearls, precious and semi-precious stones can enrich this piece of jewelry, making it as glamorous as it is fashionable.

Now imagine a personalizedChain in gold or silver to create a subtly sophisticated look. Whether it's delicate engraving or the addition of tiny pearls, every detail contributes to making each piece beautiful and meaningful. At Flamme en rose, Quebec's custom jewelry specialists, we understand the importance of these details. We help you create pieces that tell your story and bear your personal signature.

How to choose your ideal necklace

To select the perfect necklace, there are two important elements to consider: Personal style and the occasion. First, consider the type of necklace: a women's silver necklace for a sophisticated, timeless look, or a pendant necklace to add a touch of whimsy and originality. If you like to express your beliefs, you can also opt for a spiritual pendant with a subtle, elegant design. Necklaces with one or more pearls are also ideal for casual chic outfits.

Whatever your style and whatever the occasion, Flamme en rose, our beautiful Montreal jewelry store, offers a range of choices from elegant gold necklaces to pieces adorned with pearls and precious stones, each completing the perfect look. Personalization is essential: an engraved name and custom design transform a simple accessory into a memorable and meaningful gift.

Perfect necklaces for any occasion

For a dinner party, an evening at the theater or a birthday party, the search for the perfect necklace for every special occasion is a quest for beauty and meaning. Versatile designs to suit a variety of events are usually the order of the day. However, you can also choose specific pendants for the moment. Take the Buddha pendant in 18K gold as an example. A symbol of enlightenment and well-being, this medallion brings a spiritual dimension to your style at a yoga retreat.

For an event celebrating the union of two beings, a wedding necklace with pearls, symbols of purity and refinement, is the perfect choice to accompany your sophisticated outfit. Make it a personalized pearl necklace with a unique clasp and color gradation. 

Gift jewelry must be chosen with care, taking into account the person's tastes, which often represents a major challenge. Flamme en rose, with its wide range of necklaces, offers you options for every occasion. Ask one of our qualified jewelers to help you make the right choice. Whether you're looking for subtlety or extravagance, jewelry from this Montreal-based company guarantees quality, originality and unparalleled style.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about collars

What types of personalization are available for necklaces?

Engraving, the addition of pearls or gems, choice of material, style and length are all options for personalizing a necklace. The clasp can also be adapted to suit your tastes and preferences.

How long does it take to receive a personalized necklace?

Generally, the creation of a personalized necklace, with its touch of fantasy and originality, can take up to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design. This timeframe ensures meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing the quality and durability of each piece.

How do I care for my silver or gold necklace?

To keep your gold and silver necklace sparkling, clean it regularly with a cloth and a mild soap and water solution. Avoid harsh chemicals and keep it in a dry place away from light when not in use.