Engagement rings

I see the stars aligning
I hear my heart beat, it is alarming
I envision our lives together
Nothing has ever felt better

Are you looking for an engagement ring, to finally pop the question? The choice is not very easy, that is why our mission is to accompany you during the most important moments of your life. Renowned for our warm and friendly customer service, Montreal’s Flamme en rose jewellery store offers a wide selection of high-end quality handmade engagement rings. We produce rings in white, yellow and pink gold of 10, 14, and 18 karats, with the most beautiful gems. Make your life easier by purchasing one of our pairs of engagement rings and bands created by our own designers. All our jewellery is fabricated in our Montreal studio adjacent to our showroom, by our master jewellers. Treat your future wife’s left hand to a magnificent Canadian diamond or a beautiful moissanite. Whether you are having a big religious wedding, or a small civil ceremony rest assured our wedding bands are the perfect fit. Trust our Montreal- based company, we have been creating high-end quality engagement rings for over ten years. We offer a lifetime warranty when you redeem your free yearly refurbishment. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our engagement rings or for any other product. We know how important wedding proposal are, how important the perfect engagement ring is, therefore, we that our role to heart and you by the hand.

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