To live life without compromise.
They feed off adventure and surprise.
Living in freedom never any lies..
Paving the paths is their only demise.

Montreal’s Flamme en rose has created The Adventurers collection for men. A very well received collection, appreciated by men for its raw side, numerous textures and especially its originality. Are you more of a mountain or lake type? This collection is adapted to represent your kind of adventure, not to mention they can all be modified to your liking and adorned of diamonds. The sparkling stream is a great example of refinement and masculinity. Whether you choose 10k, 14k, 18k or sterling silver, the men’s collection the Adventurers is always crazy chic. Wear it because you love it, wear it because you love someone. The ring, The Rockies, in pink, why not, men are also pretty in pink. Bracelets with similar textures are also available. Do not forget your custom engraving inside, with words of wisdom. At Flamme en rose, we are aware that most budgets are not unlimited. We offer high end quality products at competitive prices and costumers’ satisfaction is very important to us. Trust is very important to us and that is how we built our reputation. Men’s jewellery, another one of Flamme en roses forte. Contact us by email or by phone for things related to the purchase or custom creation of men’s jewellery. You will be served by a professional jeweller.

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