Wedding rings: The perfect choice for your big day

These rings are not just jewelry, but symbols of union and romance, celebrating every milestone from engagement to anniversary. Each hand-designed piece tells a story of love, commitment and union, making these wedding rings an ideal choice for couples wishing to express their love and promise in a unique and meaningful way.


The most popular precious materials

At the heart of every union is a symbol of love and commitment: the wedding ring. At Flamme en rose, we understand the importance of this jewel, not just as an accessory, but as an eternal promise. Our yellow gold, white gold and rose gold wedding bands are designed to celebrate this important gesture of love.

Yellow gold, a timeless classic, evokes tradition and adds a touch of elegance to your ceremony. It blends perfectly with ethical diamonds reflecting the purity and authenticity of your love. The higher the carat of the yellow gold, the richer and more saturated the color of the wedding band. 

The dazzlingly beautiful white gold wedding band offers a refined modernity that perfectly complements any outfit. It's the most popular gold color on the market, as it matches all skin tones. Unlike yellow and rose gold, the purity of gold has no effect on the brilliance of white. 

As for rose gold, it adds a warm, romantic nuance, ideal for those looking to step off the beaten track. In recent years, rose gold wedding rings have even become popular with men, thanks to their coppery hue. For those who prefer a rosier shade rather than copper, opt for a lower purity such as 10K gold.

At Flamme en rose, we are proud of our commitment to the use ofresponsible gold and ethical diamonds. Each wedding ring is the result of careful research to ensure that our materials come only from ethical and responsible sources. This commitment reflects our respect for the planet and our desire to contribute to a fairer world.

The different styles of wedding rings

Every couple is unique, and taste is in everyone's nature. That's why our range of rings embraces a diversity of wedding band styles, from classic to contemporary. And if you only want one ring on your ring finger, rather than the customary two, choose a ring from our engagement collection. Take the time to look at their special features. There's sure to be one for you!

The solitaire ring, timeless symbol of acouple's wedding ring, continues to seduce with its elegant simplicity. Its single stone, often a sparkling diamond, represents the purity and uniqueness of your love. Prices vary according to the carat of the diamond, and alternatives are available if natural diamonds are not an option for your budget. For couples looking for extra sparkle, the pavé ring, with its multiple diamond settings, offers unrivalled sparkle, reminiscent of the stars in the night sky.

The trilogy rings, with their three gemstones, symbolize the past, present and future of a relationship capturing the essence of their journey in love. The princess ring, with its distinctive square cut, brings a touch of modernity and boldness, perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd. For a more luxurious look, the halo ring, surrounded by a circle of small diamonds, magnifies the center stone.

What affects the price of a wedding ring?

The price of a wedding ring can vary considerably, influenced by a number of factors. First, metal selection is paramount, gold being the choice par excellence. Its purity will also influence the price. An 18K wedding band will be more expensive than a 10K one. Silver and platinum are less frequently used for wedding rings, but they remain interesting options.

A wedding band made in Quebec can add value to your jewelry. Not only are you supporting a local company, you're also ensuring handcrafted quality in a safe and healthy working environment. The wedding ring will certainly be more expensive, but you'll benefit from better after-sales service in case of glitches.

Precious stones, such as diamonds, add a touch of luxury, but greatly influence the price of a wedding ring. An affordable wedding ring can be just as charming, emphasizing simplicity and elegance without the costly ornamentation. Ultimately, whether it's a luxuryband or a more modest wedding band, each choice should celebrate the essence of the ceremony and the commitment shared.

Quebec wedding ring trends

Today's wedding trends in Quebec reflect a unique harmony between tradition and innovation. Innovations in wedding rings focus on personalized designs, allowing couples to express their history, tastes and personalities. Popular ring styles include sleek designs in gold and silver, often embellished with diamonds to symbolize eternity. Also very popular, the original Quebec wedding band incorporates elements of local nature, paying tribute to the region's natural beauty.

Eternity jewelry is gaining in popularity, embodying eternal promise and commitment. These pieces are often chosen for their elegant simplicity and profound symbolism. True symbols of love, wedding rings are designed to celebrate every unique moment, from romantic commitment ceremonies to wedding anniversaries. In short, Quebecers favor jewelry that tells a story, blending tradition and originality to celebrate marriage. 

Customize and create unique rings

Ring personalization is a delicate art where every detail counts to create a unique wedding ring. At Flamme en rose, we are passionate about creating rings that reflect your story. This starts with the choice of materials, gemstones and diamonds. We recommend doing a little research on our online boutique to guide your choice.

We consider every detail, from the size of the wedding band to the personalized engraving, to ensure that each piece is unique, perfect and ready to wear. Our specialty, signature jewelry, infuses a personal essence into every creation. We work with you to incorporate design elements that speak to you, whether it's a special motif, a gemstone of choice or an inscription that holds great meaning for you. Your personalized ring awaits you, designed with love and expertise in the heart of Montreal.

How to choose the perfect wedding ring

Choosing the perfect wedding ring is an important part of your romantic journey, and at Flamme en rose, we like to be there at the most important moments of your life. It's our mission. It's our passion. We understand that every fine jewelry ring is a symbol of your union.

We invite you to discover our exclusive collection of custom-made wedding rings in Montreal. Our team of expert jewelers will guide you in your choice of wedding band, turning your dream into reality.

Whether in gold, silver, diamonds or other precious stones, enjoy a lifetime warranty on your jewelry. Visit our boutique for a personalized consultation or get started with a virtual meeting to answer all your questions.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about wedding rings

How to choose a wedding ring?

Start by thinking about what this wedding ring means to you. Take inspiration from existing models in our online store. Consider the material; traditionalgold, more affordablesilver. Decide whether you want precious stones. Diamonds are often the preferred choice, but other gemstones can also add a personal touch. The design of the ring should be in harmony with lifestyle and personal taste. Remember that this ring will be worn every day. So it needs to be beautiful, but also comfortable. Choose a trusted jeweler with good references.

How much does a wedding ring cost?

The price of a wedding ring varies considerably. The materials, the choice, the quality of the stones, the reputation of the jeweler, the design, the middlemen - these are all elements that influence the price. Remember, your ring is not just a simple purchase, it's an investment in a tangible symbol of your love and commitment. However, at Flamme en rose, we believe that every wedding ring should be affordable, offering alternatives for every budget without compromising on quality.

How to care for a wedding ring

Taking care of your wedding ring is crucial to preserving its beauty and brilliance. Clean your ring regularly with a solution of mild soap and water. Use a soft bristle brush to gently remove any build-up. Have your jewel examined annually by a jeweler to check the condition of the metal and the claws that hold the stones. Avoid shocks and contact with chemicals. See our blog for the complete procedure for cleaning silver jewelry.

Is it possible to repair a wedding ring?

Yes, it is possible to repair a wedding ring. If your ring is set with diamonds or other precious stones and these have become loose or lost, we can replace or tighten them. Gold or silver rings can be polished back to their original lustre, removing scratches and marks of time. We can also resize your ring, ensuring a perfect fit for continued comfort. Each repair is carried out with the utmost care, respecting the integrity and original design of your jewel.