High quality sterling silver jewelry.

All of the sterling silver jewelry displayed on this jewelry collection page is handcrafted by jewelers at Flamme en rose. Whether it is sterling silver earrings or rings, they are designed with the same care as all other jewelry made from precious metals. The jewelry store also has an impressive showroom where you can see the many different styles of brushed and polished sterling silver jewelry. When you purchase Flamme en rose sterling silver creations, you are supporting the local economy as all the jewelry is produced in the Cathcart Street workshop in Montreal. Flamme en rose is known for the quality of its products and its exceptional customer service.

925 sterling silver

The name sterling silver 925 means that the metal we use is 92.5% pure silver. This alloy, which also includes other metals, is the best that can be used in jewelry to create earrings, necklaces, chains and all other jewelry such as beads. If you have 925 sterling silver jewelry in your drawers that you no longer use, the jewelry store also offers a jewelry transformation service. We recover your precious metals and offer you the possibility of creating a brand new piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry.


Keep your silver jewelry shiny

To ensure that your jewelry maintains its shine and brilliance, you can select the rhodium plating service when purchasing your 925 sterling silver jewelry. Plating is the action of covering sterling silver jewelry with a thin layer of metal. We strongly suggest this treatment even though it will cost you extra. The Italian rhodium we use, the best available, will act as an anti-tarnish agent and will prevent you from using cleaning products or other chemicals that could damage your jewelry. Check out our article on how to clean silver jewelry to learn the best tips from our two jewelry owners. When you come to Flamme en rose, you are always served by experienced jewelers who can answer all your questions.