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We specialize in jewellery transformaion, a physical and artistic process that reuses metals and stones to create a brand new piece.

Give a new life to your old jewellery while still preserving all the sentimental value.

Transformation of a ring with small and large diamonds into a spectacular eternity ring with main diamond
Transformation of a yellow gold ring with white gold earrings and diamonds into a yellow gold bangle with small inlaid diamonds
Transformation of earrings with diamonds into a pendant and new earrings in white gold with diamonds.
Transformation of old wedding rings with diamonds into a semi-eternity solitaire engagement ring and eternity match band in white gold
Transformation of a bracelet and an old wide ring with stones and diamonds into a modern curved ring with diamonds set around
Transformation of a branch-shaped brooch with small sapphires forming flowers into earrings keeping only the shape of the flower and the sapphires
Transformation of a bracelet with patterns into a two-storey ring with the same patterns and addition of precious stones
Transformation of a signet ring in yellow gold and a Napoleon gold coin into a ring with fixed and curved coin.
Transformation of a yellow and white gold ring with small diamonds
Transformation of brooch jewelry with diamond into a solitaire, earrings and a pendant, all with diamonds
Transformation of eternity ring jewelry into white gold
Transformation of brooch jewelry with diamond into a solitaire, earrings and a pendant, all with diamonds
Transformation of an organic ring with tourmaline into a pendant keeping the same design
Transformation of two old rings, one in yellow gold with emerald and one in white gold into a textured white gold ring with emerald
Transformation of a wide eternity solitaire into a more delicate and modern eternity solitaire
Transformation of a cluster of gold jewelry with a diamond into a cross rod ring with a diamond in the center
Transformation of a cluster of gold jewelry with a lapis lazuli stone solo into a signet ring with lapis lazuli
Transformation of two yellow gold rings with diamonds into a large semi-eternity solitaire in yellow gold
Transformation of a ring with several diamonds and an old design sapphire into a pendant with sapphire and an eternity ring in white gold
Transformation of an 3 tiered ring with diamond into a modern two-tone ring with diamond
Transformation of a cluster of various gold jewelry with diamonds into a textured twist ring with several diamonds set in white gold
Transformation of a signet ring of the public service with inscription into a signet ring with texture instead of writing and a pearl in the center.
Transformation of a cluster of various jewels and recovery of an emerald and several diamonds to make a ring of the collection Starry night of the jewelry Flamme in pink with emerald and diamonds
Transformation of an old wedding ring and a diamond earrings into a two-tone ring in white gold and yellow gold from the Dream collection of the Flamme jeweler's jewelry in pink with small diamonds and a central diamond
Transformation of a two-diamond gothic yellow gold ring into a ring of the same style with enhanced and modern three-diamond setting
Transformation of an old model of oxidised gold spherical ring with a diamond into a textured pendant from the Flamme cradle collection in pink with diamond.
Transformation of an antique ring mount with 14 diamonds and gemstone in the center in a modern alliance with 14 diamonds without the stone
Transformation of various rings with or without diamond into a solitaire in closed set and white gold
Transformation of a gold cluster and old wedding ring into a renewed two-color ring
Transformation of a ring with big pattern and pearl with the addition of a modern contour coating
Transformation of a ring with opal and opal and sapphire earrings into a ring the starry night with the same stones
Transformation of an old broad rush into a modern rush with three-tiered diamonds
Transformation of a gold and diamond bracelet in eternity rush
Transformation of a gold tube necklace into four separate necklaces
Transformation of a necklace into four pendants for the family with diamonds
Transformation into three white gold rings with blue stone
Transformation of old rings in two tone ring with topaz
Transformation of a cluster of jewels into topaz and diamond tear ring
Transformation of a copper pipe into two two-tone rushes for men
Transformation of an old wedding ring into pink gold rings with rubies
White gold men's ring with diamonds turned into a modern ring 2 tones with pavé diamonds
5 rings in yellow gold or white gold with diamonds turned into an engagement ring with pavé diamonds, a big diamond and a gold alliance
three rings with diamond turned into a three-tier diamond ring
solitaire in yellow gold turned into a ring with two-tone diamond
two bracalets and two rings on the left and the new jewel turned right
Large yellow gold link bracelet on the left and the transformation into a new, finer bracelet on the right
Men's rings transformed into a signet ring with several rows of diamonds
Broken chains on the left and new chain transformed on the right
Several heritage jewels turned into a yellow gold multi-row ring with sapphires and diamonds
Solitaire ring with six drop shaped diamond center turned into a more modern ring
Old yellow gold ring with processed ruby
Yellow gold ring with opals and diamonds turned into a pendant
Transformation of many old family jewels into a two-tone rigid bracelet
Upcycling a ring with a marquise diamond in the center in a finer ring with a solitary style
Transformation of a ring with a peridot
Recycling of two yellow gold rings with rubies in a large multi-threaded ring
Recycling a yellow gold family ring into a new vintage style ring
Transformation of a massive two-tone gold ring into a ring with a heart shape
two-tone and diamond architectural ring jewelery transformation
recovery of old yellow gold jewelry in a ring set for men and women
Recycling old jewelry in a ring 5 two-tone rows and diamonds
Recycling old jewelry solitaire white gold and semi-eternity diamond
Recovery of family heritage jewelry in a ring with diamond pavé
Recycling a two-tone ring in two anchor and boat pendants
antique jewelry transformation with yellow gold and pearl
recycling of a solitaire for gem and a men's ring in a set of wedding rings
Collection of yellow gold family jewels with emerald
transformation of a diamond pavé ring into a pendant
recycle eternity yellow gold cartier bangle for paved round earrings
vintage ring transformation with diamonds and sapphires

The Flamme jewelery in pink is the reference in Montreal and in the country for the jewellery transformation. Also called upcycling, jewelry processing asks for a technical know-how and a particular approach that we put forward in Flamme en rose; take the time, live our passion and give love. It exists in our transformed jewelry achievements, several options of jewelry conversions. We go from the small transformation to the great metamorphosis of what is found in your jewelry box. Do not sell your jewelry! You will never have a fair return on the value of your jewelry and you will lose irreplaceable memories. The jewels that come from our families are perhaps no longer up to date but by using their stones and their gold to create a brand new, we get a jewel transformed in our image. The unused gold is credited to you and even allows you to pay part of the labor of the processed jewel. Transform the old matching band of your grandmother in two beautiful earrings which take a little style of the old jewel. With the old necklace pearls of your mother, the transformation can be minimal but it gives back all its brilliance of yesteryear. By reusing precious stones and gold, we contribute with an ecoresponsible gesture, to revive a jewel left behind which could become the jewel of your jewelry box. All our processed jewelry are handcrafted by experienced and passionate jewelers. The creation of jewelry by transformation is an art to discover. At Flamme en rose, we specialize in processing and we are extremely proud of our transformed jewelry achievements.

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