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A common place of creation.
Two women, one vision.
An effervescence of style and imagination.
Flamme en rose signs this collection.

The Flamme jeweler in pink was founded in 2009 by two determined and creative women and this collection expresses their incomparable course. There are some jewelry with diamonds, precious stones, and semi-precious alloyed with mixtures of metals and textures. There is in this collection the reflection of several years of work and exploration. From there its name Signature. Completely feminine, this jewelry collection reflects the creativity and know-how of this high-end jewelery who knows how to marry white gold, yellow gold or pink gold with diamonds and fine stones ensuring at the same time an irreproachable quality of manufacture. It's pure creation but be careful, there is nothing approximate. The rules of the art are respected and the jewelry with diamonds and gemstones stand out for their durability. All the jewels are handmade according to the quality standards established by the most great jewelers of the world. All Flamme jewelry in pink, including those with diamonds and gemstones, are rigorously scrutinized before leaving the production workshop. The jewelery industry uses mainly diamonds Canadian unless the required points are not available. The quality of diamonds and precious stones is certified. This Montreal company occasionally uses diamonds created in the laboratory at the request of customers who prefer their price and their lesser footprint on the environment. Trust Flamme en rose for your high-end jewelry with diamonds and gems to be well-advised and buy with confidence.

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