A common place of creation.
Two women, one vision.
An effervescence of style and imagination.
Flamme en rose signs this collection.

The jewellery boutique/studio Flamme en rose was founded in 2009 by two determined and creative women and this collection echoes their incomparable accomplishments. There are diamonds, precious stones, semi-precious stones combined with a mixture of metals and textures. Several years of work and exploration are reflected in this collection, hence the name Signature. Very feminine collection, it displays know-how and standards of high-end jewellery. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold well balanced with diamonds and gemstones and fabricated with precision and perfection. All of Flamme en roses jewellery is handmade according the highest standards of quality set by the greatest jewellers in the world. Every piece is rigorously scrutinized before leaving the workshop, you can rest assured that your diamonds and precious stones are safe and sound. Flamme en rose uses mostly Canadian diamonds accompanied by a certificate. This Montreal company also offers diamonds created in the laboratory at the customer’s request, these diamonds come at a lower cost and they leave less of environmental footprint. Trust Flamme en rose for your high-end diamond and precious stone jewellery, you will be well advised and will be able to buy with confidence.

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