Unique pearl necklaces for every occasion

The timeless collection at Flamme en rose in Montreal features a variety of jewelry that comes out of its shell, from necklaces to bracelets to pearl earrings. Pearl jewelry is timeless and thanks to the quality of manufacture of Flamme en rose, it will remain solid for a long time. Whether made with natural mother of pearl (nacre) or cultured pearls, the pearl necklace remains the must-have piece of jewelry for every woman. The cultured pearl necklace holds as much richness in its textures and colors as the natural pearl necklace. Wearing a pearl necklace dresses up a neck and hugs its shape like no other jewel can.


Pearl earrings or pearl rings

Each pearl is unique. Your pearl necklace should be just as unique. Timeless and ageless, the quality pearl necklace, not to be confused with the fancy pearl necklace, is bequeathed from one generation to the next and gains, over time, an inestimable sentimental value.

The price of a real pearl necklace should even be seen as a long-term investment. To ensure the quality of their products that will stand the test of time, all pearl necklaces and pendants from Flamme en rose are handcrafted in their Montreal workshop and subjected to rigorous testing.

The traditional stringing method used offers resistance to wear and stretch. Special attention is paid to each pearl used in the making of white pearl necklaces and freshwater pearl necklaces. Small pearl necklaces are just as strong as regular pearl necklaces.

For all of its pearl necklaces, Flamme en rose uses a signature T-clasp in gold or silver. The pearl is a symbol of purity and adds a graceful touch to any gold pendant. The white cradle and Gratitude white pearl pendants are must-have creations from this jewelry store founded in 2009 by two jewelers.

Pearl earrings: Elegant and timeless designs

The Our Pearls collection from Flamme en rose jewelry brings together a variety of jewelry that comes out of its shell, from necklaces to bracelets to pearl earrings. The Morning dew pearl hoop earring will complement your evening outfits beautifully and is sure to be a hit.

Understated and elegant, the white pearl button style earring can be worn at any time and is available in four different sizes; the timeless mini, timeless small, timeless medium and timeless large. They are all attached to the ear with a hypoallergenic gold butterfly that ensures comfort and durability. This is the most popular pearl wedding earring as it is a wonderful accompaniment to the traditional pearl necklace.

More sophisticated and equally elegant, the black pearl earring is designed with a natural Tahitian pearl. Its mother-of-pearl stands out because of the marked contrast between its surface color and its orientation (luminosity in depth).

In a diametrically opposed style, the dangling pearl earring is making a comeback after having had its moments of glory in the 90s. Named 90's in honor of this era, it is worn in different lengths, asymmetrical or balanced.

Find the perfect pearl ring for your style

Freshwater pearl jewelry will stand the test of time and thanks to the quality of workmanship of Flamme en rose, it will remain strong for a long time. Whether it is made with natural mother of pearl or cultured pearls, the pearl ring will remain in excellent condition even if the hands are more exposed to contact.

Combine purity and eternity in your big proposal and choose the You and Me for Eternity pearl and diamond engagement ring. This beautiful custom creation by Michèle Côté has been turning heads since it first appeared on the pearl wedding ring market.

More classic, the Ma perle, mon amour model offers a ring with a large white freshwater pearl solidly attached by a shank to a gold setting. However, the pearl ring requires regular maintenance. Known for its excellent customer service, Flamme en rose offers a free annual refurbishment to check the condition of the setting and clean out any impurities.

The most beautiful pearl bracelets for every day

Pearl bracelets are timeless accessories that can be worn every day to add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Discover the Little ball of love or the full pearl bracelet. The luxury men's pearl bracelet is a popular choice for men looking to add a touch of sophistication to their style.

Handmade pearl bracelets are also highly valued for their authenticity and craftsmanship. As with necklaces, the jewelers at Flamme en rose use a traditional stringing method to design the bracelets. Small beaded bracelets can be worn alone or in an accumulation for a bolder look. Whichever you choose, pearl bracelets are an elegant addition to any jewelry collection.

Classic and unique beaded jewelry

Allow yourself to defy time and catch the eye of all passers-by as Flamme en rose has recently released a unique piece of pearl jewelry that appeals to both men and women.

The unisex Severity in the neck necklace uses baroque pearls in a beige mother of pearl. These very irregular beads offer a hippie chic look perfect for summer outings. Natural pink pearls, Tahitian pearls or white pearls, all tastes are in nature and this nature gives you the gift.

Treat yourself to a pearl necklace or pearl jewelry from one of the most beautiful jewelry houses in Quebec and the rest of Canada. Delivery is free anywhere in Canada.