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Whether it is for a custom engagement ring with diamonds or a simple sterling silver pendant, the jewellers at Flamme en rose want to meet with you and discuss with you the custom design projects you have in mind and have been dreaming of.

Two-tone industrial men's ring
Two-tone polished and brushed gold ring for men
Gold ring for woman with the sign of love mixed with the sign of eternity
Yellow gold engagement ring with central round diamond and two small side diamonds.
Antique key pendants whose teeth are names.
Yellow gold ring with a large opening paved with small diamonds linked by an emerald cut blue topaz.
Solid yellow gold structural ring with small diamonds all around and peaks emerging at the top and bottom of the ring body
Hexagonal rose gold ring body with mystical topaz set on claws
Large princess diamond mounted on a white gold engagement ring with small diamonds on the outline of the main stone
Duo engagement and wedding ring in yellow gold with diamonds and ruby as the main stone.
Yellow gold eternity ring with diamonds in small circles welded on the ring body.
Yellow gold necklace with 3 hearts with small diamonds in the center spaced apart from each other
Earrings little angels boy and girl silver earrings
Yellow gold engagement rings with diamonds whose ring body takes the shape of branches and leaves
Multi-faceted structural ring in pink gold with sapphire stones in closed setting
Semi-eternity ring in white gold with princess diamond.
Halo ring encircled by small diamonds with a large main diamond mounted on four claws
round white gold pendant with three stone hoops; citrines, emeralds and diamonds.
Multi-faceted structural ring in pink gold with sapphire stones in closed setting
Moonstone set in an oxidized sterling silver feather ring


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Australian Opal set on a princess ring with about twenty small diamonds anchored on the yellow gold ring body.
Round pendant in yellow gold with small diamonds on the outline and a large detached insulated diamond in the centre.
Halo ring with 1 ct main diamond
Olympian style pendant with small diamonds in the center and on the belgian side
High jewellery ring in white gold with a princess diamond in the centre and four small diamonds around it.
Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal textured graduation ring with polished logo.
Pendant in the shape of a cloud with a smiling face and closed eyes
Yellow gold ring with diamond on the body and large pear cut amethyst in the center.
Large quartz stone mounted on a ring with irregular yellow gold rings
Two semi-eternity rings in white gold
Two diagonally textured two-tone white gold or rose gold rings with ruby, peridot and citrine set in relief
Flower-shaped earrings in pink gold with emerald in the center and 4 diamonds on petals.
rose gold semi eternity ring with pear-shaped sapphire
round pendant in yellow gold with small diamond inside
engagement and wedding kit of two slightly curved rings with large diamond solitaire in white gold and eternity match rush in pink gold
Reconstruction of a 70's graduation signet ring of the College Notre-Dame du Sacré-Coeur with coat of arms


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4 stems yellow gold ring with garnet trillion cabochon format
eternity ring with 16 diamonds set closed
silver skull and cross pendant on ribbon
Platinum Eternity solitaire with 4 carat round diamond
yellow gold medallion pendant with an engraved rose
Pink gold twist ring with two blue diamonds
silver zebra ring
ring with agate in closed crimp
Medallion on yellow gold with Buddha in jade
Chevalière with lapis lazuli
white gold cross ring with small emerald
pendant pineapple with pearl
pink and white gold signet ring with tourmaline
breast cancer medallion in white gold
tree and leaf texture ring with black spinel
Semi-ternity triple solitaire ring with pear diamonds


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rose gold inca ring with diamond and emerald
yellow gold snake ring
yellow gold twisted earrings with diamond
royal ring with 3 opals and 4 diamonds
funky stepped ring in white and yellow gold with small diamonds
rose gold charm bracelet with a muffin-shaped charm in rose gold
twisted pink gold ring with big morganite
rose gold ring with pear cut garnet and five diamonds
Simple pendants with amber only
rose gold stick pendant with engraving
two-tone yellow gold and pink gold rush with garnet crown
yellow gold rush with garnet belt
textured men's ring duo and women's ring halo diamond
medallions with children's names
rush for man pattern with small hexagons
pendant dragonfly with alexandrite


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Silver Innuka Pendant on Leather Cord
80 points diamond halo ring and other small diamonds on glass countertop
One sapphire and two diamonds on a fine yellow gold ring
pendant skeleton characters kissing with writing meant to be
Knight Cameo
silver bracelet with three small topazes
duo garnet and diamonds ring in pink gold and white gold ring paved with diamonds
Royal Rings for LGBTQ Men
princess diamond halo ring 80pts
double princess ring with black spinel and diamond pavé
rose gold ring in the shape of an eye with multiple diamonds
earrings in pink sapphire earrings
two-piece radius ring with tsavorite garnet
H-shaped ring with peridot and diamonds
light brite ring with different coloured gemstones
duo solitaire and halo ring with moissanite


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Topaz and shell pendant
three-stage diamond ring and central diamond
white gold ring with large tanzanite
White gold ring with jade
diamond pendant
Topaz and semi-eternity sunband
Semi-eternity twisted rush
Flower ring with diamonds
copper and white gold pipe rods
Solitaire with big sapphire
2-tone gold starry night ring with opal and sapphire


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Blue london topaz on leaf ring
Topaz on double rush in white and yellow gold
Ruby tsavorite all-purpose brooch
Yellow Gold Nail Knight's Gown
Opal on yellow gold flower ring
Quartz diamond Herkimer on gold earrings
Ring Zelda triforce
Yellow gold ring set with black diamonds
fine ring with big red and cream quartz stone
white gold flower ring with nine diamonds
thin engagement ring with diamonds all around
Ring Zelda triforce
two-tone ring with three separate rings set with a large diamond
La traversée ring with horizontal band in rose gold with diamond pavé
sterling silver family pendants with small stones
Beehive ring with diamond pavé


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Belt-shaped ring with sapphires on yellow gold and belt buckle in white gold with diamonds
White gold ring on white background with sky blue topaz and diamonds
Design men's ring with garnet and round opening on the hand
White gold architectural loook ring with trillion topaz stone london blue
Yellow gold pendant representing the letter W with filigree motifs
Custom-made family necklace with a heart and the letters M and S
Square signet ring for men in yellow and white gold with onyx and a round cut diamond in the centre
Yellow gold ring replicating Princess Diana's ring with blue topaz
Yellow gold earrings with white pearl and emeralds
Handmade earrings in rose gold with round amethysts in the center
White gold handmade pendant earrings with black beads on a jewellery display stand
Custom-made pendant in pink gold with a cushion-cut amethyst in the center and 4 small diamonds
Custom white gold and diamond engagement ring
Custom handmade bracelet in pink gold bean pendant
Recycled white gold and diamond pavé custom ring


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Cat's paw pendant in yellow gold with diamond-paved stones
White gold engagement ring with a double diamond halo and a cushion diamond in the centre
Solitaire custom ring with medieval style in white gold
Engagement ring in moissanites with round diamond in halo


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Multi-stemmed ring with diamonds and rubies in a yellow lily.


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The Flamme en rose jewellery store in Montreal was founded in 2009, however combined the founders have more than twenty years of experience in custom jewellery creation and repairs. A true reference in Montreal for high-end jewellery fabrication, though no project is too small, therefore do not hesitate to go see them with a simple design. The passion for the trade animates the daily work of the team and the artistic collaboration with the customers is an aspect that they love. Meet with one of their customer service jewellers, meetings are free of charge, without obligation and you will receive an estimate at that moment. On the website there are many images of their bespoke creations that demonstrate well their know-how and the diversity of their creations that they have realized over time. You have an idea, you have a dream, you have a gem that you would like to mount on a ring, a necklace or a bracelet? Make an appointment and meet with them in their boutique workshop at 620 Cathcart, in the heart of downtown Montreal, conveniently located near the McGill subway station. The creation, design and fabrication are an art form that requires a lot of precision and technique. The master jewellers and designers that make up the Flamme en rose team are highly qualified in the conception and production of high-end jewellery, their jewellery is hand made with very high standards of quality. Thus, all their gold jewellery come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, as long as you let them inspect the piece once a year. Trust this great Montreal jewellery company whose reputation is second to none in the creation and manufacturing of custom jewellery

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