This is where you will find the right ring for you. Wide or thin, textured, polished or brushed, with or without gemstones, there is no shortage of men's jewellery choices at Flamme en rose. Each piece of men's jewellery is handcrafted in Montreal by experienced jewellers who care about comfort and durability.

The Montreal flamme en rose studio-boutique offers a wide range of men’s jewellery designed and hand fabricated by our masters jewellers. We have the utmost highest standards of quality. There are no limitations and no imitations when it comes to our jewellery designs for men. Each collection is unique to Flamme en rose and our commercial success is a great source of pride for us. There are classic styles and looks that we do not wish to reinvent such as signet ring, although we worked on reducing the weight and modernizing the style. Our rings for men are suitable for a wedding or simply for the pleasure of wearing a ring on the finger of your choice.The comfort of our rings is a priority for us. Our necklace and pendants reflect the personalities of those who wear them as well as their beliefs. If you have an idea for a custom pendant or necklace do not hesitate to entrust us with making your dream custom creation. Our silver chains and gold chains are very high quality and they resist to everyday wear and tear, ideal for an active lifestyle. Men’s bracelets are no longer simple yellow or white gold, pink gold as gained great popularity, be bold, stand out, men are also pretty in pink. Flamme en rose is a Montreal based company, that makes ethical and eco-responsible choices. Give us a call, write us an email or visit our shop, you will always be served by a trained jeweller with years of experience and a smile.

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