Handmade jewelry for men

The jewelry store Flamme en rose in the city of Montreal offers a wide range of jewelry for men designed and created by hand by our master jewelers. All our products have very high quality standards. There is no imitation in our work in creating men's jewelry. Each collection is unique at Flamme en rose and their commercial success is a great source of pride for us. There are classics in men's jewelry that we do not reinvent such as the signet ring but we have worked to improve its weight and style.


Rings for men made in Montreal

Our men's rings are suitable for weddings as well as for the simple pleasure of wearing a ring every day. Their comfort is a priority for us. Necklaces and pendants reflect the personality of the man who wears them and proudly display his beliefs. If you have an idea for a pendant or necklace for men that you would like to wear, please do not hesitate to entrust us with the creation. Our silver chains are of high quality and they resist the bad weather of the active life. New in recent years, men'sbracelets are no longer just black, yellow or white. Rose gold is now popular with gentlemen. Show your colors, your style and your taste. Flamme en rose is a local, ethical and eco-responsible company and when you deal with us remotely or in store, you are talking directly to professional jewelers.