You are part of me, but I don’t know you yet.
We are close, yet you seem so far.
My life is shifting, you are raising the bar.
I can not wait to see who you are.

Flamme en rose was founded by two women who drew on their own experiences as mothers to create this collection. This collection called The cradle, which is available online as well as in the jewellery store, fits perfectly into the list of the most beautiful gifts that can be offered to a new mother. The birth of a baby rises in the stratospheres of the most beautiful events in the life of both the young mother and the family that surrounds her. Mark this moment by offering a new mother a necklace or a pair of earrings from this collection, she is sure to cherish it and wear it with pride. When conceiving this collection for moms, grandmothers, stepmothers, aunties, the pearl is meant to symbolize the child, while the rod which carcasses the pearl represents the cradle. Choose the combination you like by combining pink, black or white pears with sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold or pink gold. Highlight the birth of this little treasure with finesse and taste. That being said, this jewellery collection is not solely for new mothers, the purchase of a new home, a new project, a new job can very well be underlined and celebrated by offering a piece from this collection. In addition, the diamond ring duo from the cradle collection has been chosen many times as an engagement ring and wedding band. Trust Flamme en rose, certified ethical and eco-friendly company for all your jewellery needs via the online shop or in-store.

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