Women's wedding rings

Find the perfect match by pairing your diamond engagement ring with your personalised band wedding ring. A woman's wedding ring is more delicate without losing grace and beauty. Wedding rings from Flamme en rose are all handcrafted by Montreal's finest jewellers.

The Flamme en rose jewellery store in Montreal specialize in the creation of women’s wedding bands and engagement rings. They are renowned for their expertise, thanks to their master jewellers experience in wedding ring fabrication, their designers’ competence and their beautiful diamond selection. Flamme en rose offers classic models as well as modern styles of engagement rings that match perfectly with their wedding band. Visit our website, to find matching wedding rings and bands or contact us to make changes to a model for the perfect fit. All our women’s wedding rings are handcrafted, ethical and ecologically responsible. A wedding ring is worn every day and the quality of its design and resistance is the number one priority of Flamme en rose. For many women their wedding rings are the only jewels they wear, therefore even if they are simple, they are of great importance. We have succeeded in creating a variety of wedding ring designs for all taste that allow you to find your perfect match. Celebrate your love with or without a diamond, our different models allow you to express yourself. Proudly and forever wear and display your weddings rings for they will be the most beautiful thing in the world. Thanks to the friendly and well-informed advice you shall receive from the Flamme en rose team, the experience of choosing a wedding ring is done with pleasure and confidence. Contact us for any inquiries, our skills are only matched by our passion for jewellery.

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