Handmade wedding rings for women

Founded in 2009 by two jewellery graduates from the Montreal School of Jewellery, Flamme en rose specializes in the creation of wedding rings and offers several unique designs of engagement rings as well as wedding rings for women. All wedding rings are handcrafted by jewelers in Flamme en rose 's Montreal workshop which allows for better quality control at all stages of manufacturing. A band wedding ring for women is worn every day and must withstand the vagaries of daily life and for many women, the wedding ring is the only piece of jewelry they will wear in their life. It is therefore of utmost importance even if the wedding ring is simple. The quality of manufacture and the durability of the wedding rings for woman is the number one priority of the jewelry Flamme en rose.


Gold wedding ring with diamond

Celebrate your love with a gold diamond wedding ring that perfectly suits your personality. All bridal ring designs come in white gold or yellow gold. You can even choose rose gold which is more than just a trend. Choose 10, 14 or 18 karat gold depending on your taste and budget. To make a wise choice, consult the article on gold and its carat to know everything about the subject. Not sure which ring to choose? The white gold wedding ring with diamond remains the classic. You can never go wrong with this ring design. But whatever choice you make, make sure you deal with a jewelry store that practices ethical and eco-friendly jewelry like Flamme en rose. All the diamonds used in the making of their wedding bands for women as well as all their jewelry meet the criteria of responsible consumption. The two co-founders of Flamme en rose make sure to use only Canadian diamonds or diamonds created in a laboratory, which are real diamonds.


The different styles of women's wedding rings

The Flamme en rose jewelry store creates wedding ring designs for both luxury weddings and more sober weddings. All styles of wedding rings for women can be found here; the three-ring wedding ring, the simple band, the eternity and semi-eternity bands, the wedding ring without diamond, the cheap wedding ring. You want the beautiful big luxury wedding ring in yellow gold? It is without problem but also without compromise on the traceability of the diamond. And if the price leaves you stunned, go for a stone that looks just like a diamond: moissanite. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for in our collection of wedding rings, it is always possible to create a custom piece of jewelry by following these steps. In addition, the online store of Flamme en rose does not contain all the models that we have in store. New models of wedding rings are created every week thanks to the incredible work of our chief designer. Don't hesitate to make an appointment in store with one of our 4 jewelers, all graduates of the Montreal School of Jewelry.


Wedding rings for women made in Quebec

Flamme en rose is a Quebec company located in the main jewelry building in Montreal. The manufacturing workshop is adjacent to the jewelry store and the administrative offices of the company. Thanks to qualified women jewelers, the high-end jewelry company and diamond expert offers unique wedding ring designs that perfectly match engagement rings. On the website, these women's wedding ring duos are clearly marked and it is possible to make certain modifications to perfectly fit your hand. All the jewelry is made on site and sold without intermediaries. Delivery is free anywhere in Canada when you order online. Whether you order online, by phone or directly in store, you will always be served by an experienced jeweler to answer all your questions.

Wear your wedding ring proudly as if it were the most beautiful thing in the world. Thanks to the judicious advice of the Flamme en rose team, your Montreal wedding ring selection experience is one of pleasure and confidence. Contact them with any questions you may have about wedding rings for women. Their expertise is matched only by their passion for jewelry.