Exquisite selection of women's rings

Each trendy women's ring is designed with unparalleled finesse. Whether you're looking for an engagement ring or something more simple, the elegance of our rings makes them essential accessories to enhance your wardrobe. Our creations are fashioned from high-quality materials such as gold, platinum and silver, and are sometimes adorned with magnificent gemstones, shimmering pearls and sparkling diamonds.

Whether you're looking for a refined ring for a special occasion, a symbolic wedding band or ready-to-wear jewelry under $500, Flamme en rose offers a variety to suit every taste and need. Our vast selection of women's jewelry is crafted with the utmost care from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or sterling silver.


Styles and materials to suit all tastes

In the refined world of Flamme en rose, every woman will find the ring that perfectly matches her personality and individual preferences. Our varied collections embrace every style, from silver rings for women, symbols of discreet elegance, to luxurious gold rings for women, reflections of timeless classicism. Choose from 10K gold rings for women or higher carat rings such as those in 14K and 18K.

For those seeking to capture the brilliance of the exceptional, our diamond rings for women offer unrivalled sparkle, while our pearl rings for women, sapphire rings for women, emerald rings for women and ruby rings for women celebrate the beauty and virtues of precious stones.  

In fact, each creation from Flamme en rose is an invitation to express your unique style. Our personalized rings add a touch of individuality and a special meaning, depending on the finger on which they are worn.

Rings for every occasion

Flamme en rose is the place to find the perfect ring for every special occasion. Our collection embraces a variety of precious moments, from proposing marriage with a beautiful engagement ring for women, to celebrating eternal union with an elegant wedding ring for women. Each anniversary and gift ring is designed to mark memorable moments with a lasting symbol of love and affection.

Our special rings are more than just jewelry; they're emotionally charged accessories designed to accompany women through the defining chapters of their lives. With a focus on elegance, style and quality, our creations in gold, silver and adorned with precious stones, pearls and diamonds, ensure that each ring perfectly reflects the moment it is intended to celebrate.

Tips for choosing the perfect ring

Your lifestyle and the ring go hand in hand. Don't choose based on what you'd like to be, but rather on who you really are. Choose your ring preferences, not those of others. The meaning of the stone also adds a layer of intimacy and personalization to your jewelry, making it lively and timeless.

Whether you're drawn to the elegance of gold, the brilliance of silver or the unique charm of gemstones and pearls, every detail counts. At Flamme en rose, we understand the importance of ring selection. That's why we offer a multitude of services, from virtual meetings to blog posts on the subject, to help you make the right choice. 

Care and maintenance of rings

Ring care is essential to preserve the splendor and brilliance of your precious jewelry. Ring cleaning not only ensures their beauty, but also their longevity. For valuable advice on how to clean silver, trust the cleaning experts.

Our advice at Flamme en rose for shining a silver ring is to use a mild solution of soap and water, followed by light polishing with a soft cloth. This simple, effective method, tried and tested thousands of times, maintains the shine of your accessories without compromising their delicacy.

Gold jewelry, from wedding rings and pearl necklaces to bracelets and earrings, deserves special attention. Adopt care routines adapted to each type of metal and gemstone to ensure that each piece remains as dazzling as the day you acquired it. Visit our online jewelry store or drop in for personalized advice on how best to cherish your favorite pieces.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about rings

How do you care for your rings to ensure their longevity?

To ensure the longevity of your rings, clean them regularly with a mild soap and water solution, and polish them gently with a soft cloth to preserve their shine. Avoid exposure to aggressive chemicals, and remove your jewelry during manual activities to prevent scratches and damage.

How do I determine the ideal ring size online?

To determine your ideal ring size online, use a ring size guide on the jeweler's website, often accompanied by instructions for measuring your finger with a string or tape measure. You can also order a free ring sizer from the jeweller's website Flamme en rose. Make sure you also take into account the ring's Width as larger models may require a slightly larger size for optimum comfort.

Can I personalize my ring?

To personalize your ring, you can choose options such as engraving names, special dates or personalized messages. Choose gemstones that have special meaning for you, and adapt the jewel's design to your unique, personal taste.