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We get up every morning. Sometimes convinced. Sometimes tentative.
An idea emerges. Plans are drawn.
We move forward. We take a step back.
The path is rarely clear. We aspire for smooth sailing.
Courage marks the way. A departure. A crossing.

Of all the collections offered by Montreal's Flamme jewelery store, the crossing has the strongest symbolism. Those are designer jewelry representing the adversity we have to go through and the resilience we need to show in this world. This jewelry selection is perfect for give a gift to someone who shows great courage and whom we admire. The sacred crossing is a delicate pendant that is offered to a believer. The pendant horse crossing as for him, addresses to the amateurs of luck. As much as colliers, the rings them earrings, jewels crossed in gold and silver are born of a know-how unique to Flame in pink. The rough texture of this designer collection comes from the fusion of high-temperature metal and once married to a smoother, the contrast is the perfect breeding ground for self-expression. Its basic price being particularly accessible, do not hesitate to insert gold 18 carats to add to its value. Looking to exchange with your loved one a love ring after a trying time of life? The rings the small crossing in the masculine and the small crossing in the feminine form a set of jewels perfect for you. Flame in pink is a high-end jewelery which relies on unparalleled service and produces high quality products. The service is fast and delivery is free throughout Canada.

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