We wake up everyday. Sometimes convinced. Sometimes tentative.
An idea emerges. Plans are drawn. We move forward. We take a step back.
The path is rarely clear. We aspire for smooth sailing.
Courage marks the way. A departure. A crossing.

Of all the collections offered by Flamme en rose’s shop in Montreal, The Crossing has a particularly strong symbolic. Made by jewellery artists, the collection was designed to represent the adversity and resilience we need to display in this world. A jewel from this collection is a perfect gift to give to someone who shows great courage and strength. This collection varies and has something symbolic for everyone. The pendant The sacred Crossing was conceived for a believer, the pendant The Horse Crossing, comes with good luck! Flamme en rose developed a unique texture for this collection that can be found in their necklaces, rings, pendants andearrings. Whether on gold or on silver this unique texture which is created by heating metal at very high temperatures creates a rough finish that is then married to a smoother surface and that is the signature of this collection. An affordable collection, that can also be adorned with 18kt gold in order to take it a step further. You would like to exchange a ring with a loved one after experiencing a difficult life struggle? The rings; The small crossing and the large crossing are a great way to display the pride we feel when overcoming adversity. Flamme en rose is a high-end jewellery house that fabricate immaculate jewellery, with a fantastic customer service and original designs. Feel free to order online shipping is free everywhere in Canada.

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