Engagement rings

The advantages of buying an engagement ring from Flamme en rose.

  1. Premium quality jewellery, hand crafted in Montreal.
  2. Competitive prices with no middleman.
  3. Recycled metals and ethically sourced stones.
  4. Exceptional after-sale service.

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Finding the perfect engagement ring

Are you looking for an engagement ring, but you are overwhelmed and you don't know where to start? So many questions and so many options. The purchase of an engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the most significant gestures of a lifetime. It can be very complex, let us help you!

Comparison table of solitaire, semi-eternity, solitaire semi-eternity and eternity engagement rings
Comparison table of solitaire, semi-eternity, solitaire semi-eternity and eternity engagement rings

Why purchase an engagement ring from Flamme en rose.

Since the creation of Flamme en rose in 2010, our know-how has enabled us to satisfy the expectations and needs of our clients by focusing on four essential points:
  1. All Flamme en rose jewellery is handcrafted in our Montreal workshop by master jewellers with the utmost quality standards in terms of design and fabrication. If your Flamme en rose creation requires a modification, rest assured that the work will be done by the same jeweller who initially fabricated the piece. Our workshop is right next to our show room where we offer a multitude of models and services.
  2. There are no middlemen or hidden cost when shopping at Flamme en rose. Everything is done in house, from conception to fabrication. We offer the best quality with competitive prices.
  3. Flamme en rose is a recognized eco-responsible company (Impak) utilizing recycled metals and ethically sources stones. We offer the choice of natural Canadian diamonds, laboratory grown diamonds and moissanite. Every day we take one step closer to a zero-waste work environment.
  4. When purchasing a Flamme en rose engagement ring, we always include a free sizing, we want the perfect ring to fit perfectly. We also offer a lifetime warranty when rings are brought in annually for inspection as well as a free annual refurbishing. At that moment we will Inspect the claws of your ring in order to make sure that all the stones are secure. Your ring will then be polished and rhodium platedif it is in white gold. Once again, we include these after-sales services at no cost once a year.  

Our mission

At Flamme en rose, our role is to accompany you in the most important moments of your life. Our passion, our know-how and our love of the art is reflected in every piece we create. We strive to offer a first-class service and that will give you a clear advantage when buying your engagement ring.

Visit our online store or call us to make an appointment today. If you decide to drop by unexpectedly pelase make sure to note our opening hours.

Bezel set solitaire

engagement ring with diamond in closed setting standing and lying down

A bezel setting is when the stone is surrounded by metal, almost looking like a tube verses when the stone is set with claws. This design is ideal for an active lifestyle and creates a more subtle look.

Claw set solitaire

Engagement ring with diamond mounted on claws standing and lying down

The claw setting also called prong setting is the most popular type of setting for an engagement ring. It highlights the stone and lets the light shine trough which bring the stone to life. However, it can be a bit fragile, therefore we recommend you have your claws inspected one a year by a jeweller.

Laboratory grown diamonds

Laboratory cut diamond

The diamond symbolizes purity and eternity and it remains the privileged stone of the bride and groom. According to Greek mythology, Cupid's arrowheads were surmounted by diamonds, making it the symbol of pure love. The laboratory-created diamond, identical in every way to natural diamond, is the hardest stone there is with a score of 10 out of 10 on the Mohs scale. Diamonds have four main characteristics that determine their price; cut, clarity, colour and carat. This rule is also called the 4C rule.


Authorization logo of the distributors of the Charles and Colvard house, manufacturer of moissanite.

Resembling a diamond, moissanite is a less expensive and, believe it or not, brighter alternative to diamonds! In fact, moissanite is composed of silicon carbide which has a higher refractive index of light than a diamond. Less hard on the Mohs scale than a diamond at 9.5 out of 10, however still mush harder than most stones. Moissanite comes from meteorite debris therefore is extremely rare, therefore the moissanite used in jewellery is laboratory grown. Flamme en rose is an authorized distributor of the world's most prestigious moissanite manufacturer: Charles & Colvard.


Cut Emerald

Emerald, the precious stone that Queen Cleopatra fell in love with and had all her ornaments adorned, is a green gem of mystical beauty. It is seen as a symbol of hope, rebirth or "promise of good luck". Its colour varies from a bluish green, almost turquoise, to a bright green. Emerald is the most brittle of all gemstones and is a challenge for gem cutters: it has inspired lapidary artists who have invented a cut especially dedicated to it: the emerald cut.


Cut ruby

Poetically christened the "King of Precious Stones", rubies have been charming lovers and enthusiasts for thousands of years. For many, it is impossible not to succumb to the flamboyant charm of a jewel adorned with this sumptuous stone. Its scarlet colour evokes love, passion, and vitality. The colour of the stone can vary from a pale pink to a bright orange or from a dark purple to the bright red for which it is famous.


Cut sapphire

The word sapphire is believed to come from the Hebrew sappir, meaning "the most beautiful thing". Of the 4 types of gemstones (sapphire, diamond, emerald and ruby), sapphire is the variety with the most color choices. In addition to classic blue, sapphires are available in pink, yellow, orange (padparadsha), green, purple, and in a variety of shades. Sapphires will bring happiness to the September natives or to lovers celebrating their sapphire wedding after 45 years of marriage. They are also a symbol of fidelity, sincerity and wisdom.

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