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Engagement Rings

Advantages to buy an engagement ring at Flamme in pink.

  1. Premium jewelry
  2. Price without intermediary
  3. Recycled metals and ethical stones
  4. Free after-sales service

$ 2,490
Hug me 50
$ 1,800
$ 2,490
Hug me 50
$ 1,800

Find the engagement ring you need

You are looking for an engagement ring but you do not know where to start? So many questions jostle in your head that you do not know how to answer? This is normal and believe us, you are not the only person in this situation. The purchase of an engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the most significant gestures of a lifetime and probably also one of the most complicated. You want to please your lover? Let us help you.

Table comparison of solitaire, semi-eternity, solitaire semi-eternity and eternity engagement rings
Table comparison of solitaire, semi-eternity, solitaire semi-eternity and eternity engagement rings

Buying an engagement ring at Flamme en rose in four points

Since the creation of the jewelry Flame in Pink in 2010, our know-how allows us to satisfy the needs of our customers by focusing on four essential points:
  1. All Flamme jewels in pink are handcrafted in our Montreal workshop by qualified master jewelers. The manufacturing quality of our engagement rings is comparable to that of the most great jewelery houses of the world. In case of breakage, repairs are made in the same workshop by the same jeweler. Even if the white gold solitaire 18 carats with a diamond mounted on claws remains the usual choice for the engagement, we have in store and on our online store several types of rings for the future bride.
  2. The Flamme jewels in pink come directly from our workshop. There is no neither intermediary nor hidden fees. You get your engagement ring at the best value for money. We sell small and large diamonds as well as gemstones at the market price.
  3. Flamme en rose is a recognized eco-friendly company (Impak) which relies on the use of recycled precious metals and ethical stones for the manufacture of his jewels. Damage to the environment caused by mining excavations is a concern for us. We promote and sell the stones created in the laboratory and our daily operations are aimed at zero waste.
  4. À buying an engagement ring at Flamme en rose, regardless of the type of rings and stones chosen, your future bride can come back to see us at any time for a free size setting. We also offer you a free annual maintenance for claw inspection mounted diamonds or any other colored stone. Over time, the yellow gold loses its brilliance and the white gold turns yellow requiring rhodium plating. Again, we include these after-sales services as well as polishing for free once a year.

Have fun at Flamme en rose!

At Flamme en rose, our role is to accompany you in the most important moments of your life. Our passion, our know-how and our pleasure to offer you a first class service gives you a clear advantage when you buy an engagement ring from us.

Visit our Online Store and make an appointment today. If you decide to go through the jeweler's shop unexpectedly, be sure to write down our hours of operation.

Solitaire set closed

engagement ring with diamond in set seam standing and lying

The closed set is a technique of setting precious stones on a ring. This crimp results in a ring with a sober design, soft to the touch, safe and practical for everyday activities.

Solitaire mounted on claws

Engagement ring with diamond mounted on upright and reclining claws

Claw-mounted stone is the most common crimping technique for engagement rings. It highlights the stone but it remains more fragile to the shots. It is recommended to have the claws inspected by a jeweler once a year.

Diamond created in the laboratory

Diamond created in a carved laboratory

The diamond symbolizes purity and eternity and it remains the privileged stone of the betrothed. According to Greek mythology, Cupid's arrowheads would have been topped with diamonds, making it a symbol of pure love. The diamond created in the laboratory, identical in every way to the natural diamond, is the hardest stone that it is with a note of 10 on 10 on the scale of Mohs. Diamond has 4 great features that determine its price; cut, clarity, color and carat. This rule is also called the 4C rule.


Logo of authorization of the distributors of the house Charles and Colvard, manufacturer of moissanite

Resembling the diamond, moissanite is a less expensive alternative and believe it or not, brighter than diamond! In fact, moissanite is composed of silicon carbide which has a refractive index of light greater than that of diamond. Less Mohs scale than 9.5 diamond on 10, moissanite comes from meteorite debris and exists in its natural state. However, moissanite jewelry is created synthetically. Flamme en rose is an authorized distributor of the most prestigious moissanite manufacturer in the world: Charles & Colvard House.


Cut Emerald

The emerald, the precious stone of which Queen Cleopatra fell in love and adorned all her ornaments, is a green jewel of mystical beauty. It is a symbol of hope, rebirth or "promise of good luck". Its color varies from a bluish green, almost turquoise, to a bright green. The emerald is the most friable of gemstones and is a challenge for gem cutters: it has also inspired the lapidary artists who invented a size that is specifically dedicated to him: the emerald cut.


Cut ruby

Named poetically the "King of Precious Stones", the ruby ​​charm lovers, enthusiasts, for millennia. For many, it is impossible not to succumb to the flamboyant charm of a jewel adorned with this sumptuous stone. Its scarlet color evokes love, passion and vitality; some also give the ruby ​​energizing virtues and beneficial to the health of the heart. The color of the stone can vary from a light pink to a bright orange or from a deep purplish to bright red that has made its name.


Cut sapphire

The term sapphire comes from Hebrew Sapp, meaning "the most beautiful thing". 4 types of precious stones (sapphire, diamond, emerald and ruby), sapphire is the variety with the most color choices. In addition to classic blue, sapphires of all colors are available; pink, yellow, orange (padparadsha), green, purple, and in several tones. Sapphires will bring happiness to the natives of September or to lovers who celebrate their sapphire wedding after 45 years of marriage. They are also symbols of loyalty, sincerity and wisdom.

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