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3 natural tricks to clean your silver jewellery.

We were all looking forward to summer! The sun, the warm wind, swimming... All these beautiful things in life can, however, accelerate the oxidation of your sterling silver jewellery. How many of you have a necklace or a pair of earrings sitting quietly in the back of your jewellery box for the sole reason that they no longer have their former lustre? Is it possible to make your silver jewellery shine without stopping at a jewellery store? The answer is yes!


Cleaning your silver jewelry: Here are 3 100% natural tricks to make your jewelry shine!

1. The Silver Stone 💎


This is our well kept secret, our favourite product that we only reveal to our best customers ;) This ecological white clay based product can be found in most supermarkets and is the ideal solution to removeoxidation from your silver jewellery. And no, this is not a commercial! Gently scrub the jewellery with a toothbrush, the silver stone and a little warm water. Rinse, dry and watch the magic!


Here is an excellent article about this almost miraculous product.

2. Lemon juice 🍋


Nothing resists lemon juice! Rub your piece with a toothbrush or a soft cloth and oxidation will be a thing of the past. Caution: It is important to select a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid scratching your jewel. For larger areas, use a chamois cloth soaked in lemon juice. Once you are done simply rinse with water.


3. Vinegar 🍷


What would we do without this precious vinegar? This magic ingredient will make your sterling silver jewellery shine effortlessly if you give it time to work for you. Make yourself a soup of baking soda, mix half a cup of vinegar in it and soak your silver jewellery overnight. The next morning, simply rinse well and rub gently to make them shine.


A very useful warning!


We strongly advise against the use of jarred products such as "jewellery cleaner" sold in most traditional jewellery stores. Your oxidized pieces will come out shinier at first, but these products are so corrosive that they will accelerate their re-oxidation. You will then be caught in a vicious cleaning circle. Moreover, these products are toxic and harmful to health.


A long-term solution

Rhodium 💍


If you're tired of cleaning your sterling silver jewellery that keeps on oxidizing, rhodium plating is the solution that allows your jewellery to stay beautiful longer. This plating can be done after a complete repolishing of the jewel. Rhodium will slow the oxidation of your jewellery. You'll be able to wear them with ease all summer long and much more!


Feel free to contact us for a quote or questions regarding rhodium plating.

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