Ring with moissanite

Offer a beautiful engagement ring with a marquise, round or cushion cut moissanite without hesitation! This is the advice we give at Flamme en rose to all our customers who are interested in this kind of ring, especially when they notice the price of a solitaire ring with moissanite. The brilliance of a moissanite engagement ring will be matched only by the broad smile of your lover when she receives it.


Opinion on moissanite

Moissanite and diamond are gemstones that are similar in many ways. Like diamond, moissanite is highly resistant to heat and scratches. Its index of refraction of light is higher than that of diamond, but moissanite's hardness is lower than diamond's on the mohs scale. The advantages of moissanite rings are that they are less expensive, the source of moissanite is not an ethical issue, and this gemstone is more environmentally friendly to produce since it does not require extraction from deep within the earth.

The origin of moissanite

It was in 1893 in the state of Arizona, in the United States, that the French chemist Henri Moissan discovered the first fragment of moissanite in a canyon created by a meteorite 50 000 years ago. Initially believing them to be diamond crystals, this first Nobel Prize winner in chemistry later identified them as silicon carbide. It is in his honor that this rarity from the sky was named moissanite. Today, it is recreated in the laboratory using sophisticated equipment.

The sale of moissanite in Canada

Flamme en rose is an authorized vendor of Charles & Colvard, the world's largest manufacturer and cutter of moissanite. Since the 80's, Charles & Colvard has been constantly improving their moissanite manufacturing technique, making it ever more brilliant and solid. We are the best place to buy a moissanite ring in Montreal. All of our moissanite engagement rings for sale are made from Charles & Colvard's Forever One Moissanite, the most beautiful and brilliant moissanite available. Flamme en rose strongly suggests buying moissanite jewelry to customers of more modest means who are concerned about ethical and environmental issues. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about moissanite or diamond. Our jewelers are experts in the field and will be able to advise you.