Forever one Moissanite

Dare to wear a Forever One moissanite engagement ring, a stone that is just as brilliant as a diamond but at a more affordable price. We are a certified moissanite Canada retailer from Charles & Colvard, the world's largest moissanite manufacturer. Our new marquise cut moissanite ring is breathtaking.

The jewellery studio Flamme en rose of Montreal is an authorized dealer of Charles & Colvard, the most important manufacture of moissanite in the world. This precious stone was first discovered in a crater of a meteorite in the form of silicon carbide. Today it is reproduced in a laboratory with a process discovered at the beginning of the 20th century by Dr. Henri Moissan, a French chemist. Named after him, the moissanite offers extreme resistance to heat, scratches and its refractive index of light is double one of a diamond, but its hardness is a bit lower. Jewellery created with moissanite has these advantages: They are less expensive, they are ethically responsible, they leave less of an environmental footprint since they are created in a laboratory and not extracted from the depts of the earth. Offer a beautiful engagement ring with one or even many moissanites. You may be able to offer a bigger stone, with a few more side stones. The brilliance of an engagement ring with a moissanite will only be matched by her broad smile when she sees it. Since the 1980s, Charles and Colvard has continued to improve their moissanite manufacturing technique, making it ever brighter and stronger. Flamme en rose offers the opportunity to their clients to purchase moissanites whose means are more modest, and which are also concerned about the environment. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions surrounding the creation of a jewel with moissanites. Our jewelers are experts in the field.

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