The diamond made in the laboratory

The diamond created in the laboratory, also called cultured diamond, synthetic diamond or synthetic diamond, is identical in every way to the natural diamond found buried in the earth's layers. It is impossible to differentiate them with the naked eye. All chemical and visual criteria are identical. Both are a crystalline form of carbon, are chemically inert and are resistant to corrosion. They meet the same four evaluation criteria commonly referred to as the 4Cs. Real diamonds are graded on color, clarity, cut and carat.


Synthetic diamonds delivered with GIA certificate of authenticity

When you purchase a piece of jewelry with a laboratory-grade diamond of 30 points or more (0.3 CT), Flamme en rose automatically gives you a GIA certificate from the Gemological Institute of America, one of the most prestigious laboratories in the world. This certificate of authenticity describes the characteristics of the diamond, assures its value and protects you against fraud. No matter where you buy an engagement ring, wedding band or gold love ring with a diamond over 30 points, you are entitled to demand a certificate of authenticity. You can request exactly the same service for a necklace and pendant with real diamonds. A laboratory-created diamond may not have the same aura as a natural gemstone created by the forces of nature over thousands of years, but it has the advantage of being significantly less expensive. Also, it is likely that synthetic diamonds will become increasingly popular as they create less damage to the environment and do not conflict with human rights, both of which will be paramount for future generations. At Flamme en rose, our most recent engagement ring and wedding band creations have all been made with laboratory-created diamonds. Feel free to come and see us to compare the natural diamond and the laboratory-created one. You won't see any difference... Except for the price.