Laboratory grown diamonds

Buying an engagement ring with a synthetic diamond means luxury at a lower price. In every way identical to natural diamonds, laboratory diamonds, also known as cultured diamonds, do not cause any environmental damage and are free of any human rights violations. And no difference to the naked eye!
The laboratory grown diamond, also known as cultured diamond, synthetic diamond, laboratory created diamond, just to name a few. Is in every respect identical to a natural diamond that is found buried in the earth’s layers. It is impossible to tell them apart with the naked eye. All chemical and visual criteria are the same.  Both are a crystalline form of carbon, are chemically inert and resist corrosion. They both meet the same four evaluation criteria commonly know as the 4c’s : Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. With every purchase of a laboratory grown diamond of 30 points and more (.03ct) from Flamme en rose you will automatically receive a GIA certificate from the Gemological Institute of America, one of the most prestigious gemological laboratories in the world. This certificate of authenticity will describe the characteristics of the diamond and ensure its value. Laboratory diamonds may perhaps not have the same aura as a natural diamond that was created by the forces of nature over thousands of years, however it does have the advantage of being significantly less expensive. Furthermore, laboratory created diamonds are more environmentally friendly and you can rest assured that they created in a safe and ethical work environment. Two criteria which are essential for future generations. At Flamme en rose, all our wedding rings can be realized with labgrown diamonds. Do not hesitate to come see us in order to compare both, you will only see a difference in the price.
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