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Quotes for replacement of stolen jewellery

Following the theft of your jewellery, you will need to provide proof of its value to your insurer. The refund of jewellery can be complex, having the right paperwork on hand will simplify and speed up the process. Make sure to know your insurance coverage regarding jewellery for they differ and may have hidden clauses. 

The first thing to do after a robbery is to contact the police, file a complaint and provide them with a declaration. Where were the jewels at the time of the robbery, in a drawer, in a safe, on the nightstand? It is important to be as specific as possible during your statement. You will then have to provide a list of the stolen jewellery, as well as any evidence of their existence, such as shopping bags, bills, pictures. 

The handling of your file by the insurance company will require the value of replacement of your jewellery and that is when Flamme en rose can help you improve the outcome despite and unfortunate situation. Thanks to your descriptions, proof of purchase and pictures, Flamme en rose’s experts will be able to provide the necessary documents in order to obtain a satisfactory refund. 

 .Flamme en rose offers this service for free if you commission them to make the replacement jewellery. 


Flamme en rose offers a certificate of authenticity with their high-end jewellery. This certificate details the specifications of the jewel, therefore allowing for a fair evaluation of its replacement value in the case of a theft. The details of your jewel and proof of purchase are safely stored in our system. In the case of theft, you will simply have to contact us, and we will provide you with a replacement quote. 

If the jewel or jewels were not fabricated by Flamme en rose, it will also be possible to receive a replacement estimate, through an analysis of your description and hopefully pictures. The cost of the quote will then be deducted from your bill if you decide to commission Flamme en rose for the fabrication of the replacement jewellery. 

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when purchasing expensive jewellery. Store your certificates of authenticity separately from the piece of jewellery in question to prevent the thief from getting away with both. These certificates increase the resale value on the black market. Keep the invoice in a safe place, it will not only be a proof of purchase, but it will also determine the value and the date of the acquisition. This will be helpful for the police report and insurance claim. If the total value of your jewellery is substantial, it is probably best to invest in a small safe. This could have a direct impact on the price you pay for your insurance policy. 

Flamme en rose’s experienced jewellers will help you recover from an unfortunate event and enhance your experience with your insurance company.

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