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What questions to ask your jeweler when buying an engagement ring?

Do not panic! Buying an engagement ring is certainly a dangerous exercise, but it can be an unforgettable one and will give you a lot of fun if you do it the right way. It's a bit like parachuting finally. Before going into the void, you have to make a head and prepare a list of questions to ask. If you can not answer it yourself, these questions can be used by a jeweler when buying the engagement ring.

Four essential questions for buying a ring

In order to help you structure your important mission which, first and foremost, is to please your future bride, (we are sure she will say yes!) Take a look at questions to ask when buying an engagement ring.

  1. What is your budget?
  2. With which metal would you like the ring to be made?
  3. What will be the stone chosen to adorn the engagement ring?
  4. What types of rings is your lover attracted to?

Ring size, manufacturing lead times and warranties also matter when buying an engagement ring but we will focus on these four questions in this text.

  • The budget

There is a balance between offering an engagement ring that widens the eyes and a gem without a sparkle. The jeweler can not determine your budget for you but the majority of them agree that buying an engagement ring should not exceed one month to two months of your salary, even if it is modest. Moreover, it is always possible to change the ring over time when you want to invest a little more. Three main factors vary the price of an engagement ring; the reputation of the jeweler, the constitution of the ring and its originality. It is however possible to obtain a quality engagement ring at a reasonable price. You can consult this text about the prices to pay for an engagement ring to help you.

  • The metal: Gold, Silver or Platinum?

In Quebec, it is common for the principal concerned to participate in buying her engagement ring which removes a little spontaneity but makes the decision making process a lot easier. On the other hand, if one decides to go on an adventure of romanticism, one must study the preferences of his sweetheart before buying the engagement ring. Take the time to inspect her jewelry box or ask her relatives if she prefers white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. For several years, white gold and platinum have been in the spotlight for engagement rings, but if her jewelry box is full of precious yellow metals, do not hesitate to give her a yellow gold.

Of note, platinum, a precious metal rarer and denser than gold, is 30 40% more expensive but it keeps forever its silver tone, wears less quickly and requires less maintenance. White gold does not exist in its natural state and is an alloy that turns yellow over time. Just plaster it to rhodium to restore its silver luster. We strongly advise against sterling money. This metal dulls quickly and requires a lot of maintenance. Your lover likes originality? Why not give her a two-tone pink gold and white gold ring?

Important detail; if you decide to offer a gold ring, you have to decide if it's 10, 14 or 18 carats. Gold 18 carats being purer, it is also more expensive. To understand the difference, see this text on gold and its carat.

  • The Precious Stone

There may be one or more stones on a ring depending on your choice but identify the main stone in the first place. The precious gem par excellence of the bride and groom is undeniably the diamond, a symbol of purity and eternity. The value of the diamond is judged according to four criteria (4C); size, weight, purity and color. Nothing compares to this gem when buying an engagement ring but if you want a big natural diamond at a reasonable price, you will have to sacrifice on its purity and its color.

More ethical, the diamond created in the laboratory is less expensive and is, in all respects, identical to the natural diamond. To learn more, read this Text on the diamond created in the laboratory.

Moissanite, another stone created in the laboratory and almost identical to diamond and is also an interesting option for its lower price and less important ecological damage. This text on moissanite as an alternative to diamond can enlighten you.

You want a colored stone? Several choices are available to you. The most popular gemstones are sapphire, emerald and ruby. These stones of blue, green and red color can even exceed the cost of a diamond when purity is at the rendezvous. Sapphire is the most traded precious stone in the world and evokes loyalty. The emerald expresses hope and ruby, passion. These gems also occur in the lab and can be a very good alternative when buying an engagement ring.

Table with images of moissanite, diamond, emerald, ruby ​​and sapphire

Visit our page on metals and stones for more details.

  • The type of ring

Here's where the question gets tough. Until now, you have been able to identify your future preferences, but in terms of ring style, tastes are in nature. Do not hesitate to ask the opinion of his family, his family without losing confidence in your judgment. Stay in a style similar to what she usually wears. No need to think outside the box for an engagement ring she will wear every day.

Let's go first at the style level. Is it more classic or fanciful in its way of life, to dress, to put on shoes? This is often a good clue! Does she like more modern or rustic looks? The size of the stones gives character to the ring. Round, princess and cushion are more classic sizes. Pear, heart and marquise have a more fanciful side. Trillion, emerald and asscher are more modern stone sizes.

table of classic stone sizes
Table of Whimsical Stone Sizes
table of modern stone sizes

More conventional, gemstones and diamonds mounted on claws are revealed more dramatically and are highlighted. The stones in closed series result in a ring less hanging, practical for the daily activities and the more sober design.

two engagement rings with stone in closed setting and two engagement rings with stones mounted on claw

The solitaire is an engagement ring with a single stone. The semi-eternity, has a pavement of small stones which makes half of the turn of the ring. When the pavement is all around the ring, it is an eternity ring. You can combine a solitaire with a semi-eternity or an eternity ring. Obviously, the more stones there are, the higher the price will be. Regardless of the shape of the ring, it must be thought that the wedding ring will eventually have to match that of engagement on the big day come. here is a very important question to ask your jeweler.

four rings example for the solitaire, the semi-eternity, the solitaire semi-eternity and the eternity ring

Make the right choice for buying an engagement ring

Of course, we are not talking here about making the right woman choice but about making the right choice of rings. You are now well equipped and ready to buy an engagement ring who will please your future bride. With all this information, your questions and research will be accurate and your jeweler can guide you properly to the right choice.

At Flamme en rose, our role is to accompany you in the most important moments of your life and our know-how is our greatest pride. In addition to offering unparalleled customer service, all our engagement rings are handmade in our Montreal workshop by experienced jewelers. You do not know the ring size you need? We can send you a ringuier for free. If in the end, greatness does not, no fear, we offer a setting up and annual maintenance of the engagement ring for free.

Hoping that this text could enlighten you in your steps.

We wish you a lot of happiness!

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