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I want to walk your open spaces and be one with nature.
I want to contemplate your riches and be part of your culture.
I want to experience your differences and be your neighbor.
I love you Canada and I want to live your adventure. 

The Montreal jewellery store Flamme en rose unveils their O Canada collection, jewellery creations representing the most beautiful Canadian symbols. Fauna and flora are closely associated in this collection of jewellery exclusively signed by Flamme en rose. Wear a small animal pendant made of gold or sterling silver that represents your personality. Children especially love the small animal pendants from this collection available in sterling silver therefore very affordable. The fleur de lys and the maple leaf both available as pendants and earrings, are available in sterling silver, pink, yellow or white gold in 10K, 14K or 18K. Nationalism has never looked so good and been displayed with so much pride. Pearls and diamonds complete these gold or silver jewels with finesse and elegance. This collection of ready-to-wear jewellery can suit all tastes and budgets. All the jewellery in the O Canada collection make for an excellent gift idea for newcomers or visitors and of course as a souvenir. All our jewellery is handcrafted by jewellers in our Montreal workshop according to very high-quality standards. All online orders are processed immediately, our delivery service is fast and secure even if your deadline is tight. Do not hesitate to trust the jewellery store Flamme en rose a company that has been in existence since 2009 and has been growing since its inception thanks to outstanding service and quality products. Flamme en rose is the pearl of jewellery stores in Montreal and it is worth discovering. The world of jewellery is a world of trust and this is what we have been striving to build with you since our humble beginnings.

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